The Splurges Are Starting to Suck..De-Fat Thoughts 9/5

One of the ways in which I try not to kill myself and several other humans is to give in to my desires when I so want them.  I know some of the doctors, diet gurus and nem prolly are like "NO, YOU MUST BE STRONG" and shit...but this is why I'm doing my thing my way.

Well..I wonder if it's like this doe...

Hell no...more like dis...



I don't usually have a desire to splurge errday.  I notice that I'm moreso focused on not sabotaging myself.  Usually, I have a desire for some hot wings or my Oreo jawn from Sonic.  Those are my "things".  I know one damn thing...I got some hot wings from Hot Wings Express last month and I was substantially down on the number of birds victimized.  Once I get that taste, I'm good.  I remember some blogs ago wondering if I was getting slick OCD and starting to see food as De Debbil.  I think I just finally realized I can eat what I want within reason.

I don't know if the stars tend to not be all lined up on Craving Fulfillment Day, but the last couple of them SUCKED.

MAAAAANE, I was so mad at Hot Wings Express on Shelby Drive!  I ordered me and the Tippi Tais some wings and them hoes gave me pigeon wings!

Finally...I found a use for the sexy Freddie Birdcury. *Rick Ross voice* UNH.

I gave them hoes that money for my splurge wings and they were so little that CJ murked like 8 of them.  I was mad enough to burn the calories I gained from eating them.

Could it be..that the Fatness Titans have been pushing me to stop eating them?  Maybe I need to stop effing with Hot Wings Express and the teen boys working there.  Hell, I don't know.  I do need to go re-up on my produce and water doe.  I need to purify my soul from these wack ass pigeon wings.


missdreafin said…
I love your blogs. I have been on this journey for a year. I used to dance when I was little and wanted to make a career of it but was deterred after listening to other people tell me what I should do. But after losing my mom it hit me life is too sho to be stuck in a dead end job and body that you hate. So I returned to school for a degree in dance and that meant a considerable weight loss to accomplish my goal. After losing about 50 pounds my weight loss slowed and the I suffered an injury that lead tothe dr saying I absolutely had to lose weight ASAP or my knees would not support my career. Any hoo your blogs help me take the worry and stress out of this process and remind me to laugh at myself and my neurotic moments and just take the journey!
EarthWindFire82 said…
Thank you so much for reading!

I think it's safe to say that everyone has that moment in which you have to do what you need to in order to be happy with yourself. I know with weight loss, it gets hard sometimes...and it gets frustrating. That's why I find myself writing about it so much...because the journey is not always smooth. I think I could look back and say with a straight face that it'll help me make sure I don't go backwards!

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