De-Fat Chronicles, aka - Stop Blinking at Me, Holmes..

Nobody said my De-fat Chronicles would be completely sequitur.  When I feels like writin', I writes.  Therefore, I is now writing.

What's been funny to me is just how people treat you when you start working on yourself.  When you put down all the junk and/or begin working out, you find that some people really don't like that shit very much.  It's like..they start looking at you funny..

You begin getting labeled.  Like, for real.  You get little snide remarks about what you do and don't eat.  For the most part, my real peoples are on board...either by way of support or even trying some of the things I've recommended or done.  So far, two peeps have bought juicers and began the road to health too.  A few fokes have begun walking, too.  It kind of gives me the extra push to keep going when I get frustrated..knowing that I'm not in this thing alone and everything.

However, fokes don't like when you get all knowledgeable and share it.  Like you can't tell them that half of the shit they eat is garbage and is likely contributing to the delinquency of their chest.  I don't do food nazi type mess..

..but if you ask me what I've learned, gotdammit I'm going to tell you.  If you ask me what changes I've made in the Journey to Not Dying at 55, I'm going to tell you what the hell I'm doing.  I hope that I can be the motivation to at least one person that several people have been to me.  If you don't damn want to know what I'm doing, then don't damn ask me.  See how that works?

Anyhoo.  I've had some random fokes hit me up saying stuff like "if you've made so many changes, why are you still losing weight so slowly" or "some of the stuff you say isn't accurate and it's dangerous".  FOIST of all, since I'm not losing weight for anyones but me, it's only up to me and my medicals if the pace I'm taking is legit or not.  Yeah, I wish it was faster...but I can gah-raun-tee that if I was dropping 20 a month, the same person would be all like "I think you should slow your pace because I'm concerned that you're losing weight too fast.

With regards to the "isn't accurate and it's dangerous"'s what all I've said as far as my health changes:

*Drastically reduced pork, beef & dairy
*Stepped up water to 3-5 liters daily
*Working out/walking up 30-45 minutes thrice a week
*Juicing to supplement veggies I don't get
*Actually eating breakfast
*No more ramens
*Giving into cravings but substantially less (instead of murking a pint of Ben & Nem, get a spoon or three then go the hell on)

Someone tell me how that's dangerous.  I didn't say I eat a cracker a day or take pills to get my weight down.  I said I gotdamn cut back and well as integrating exercise.  Never did I say I was on a diet plan.  I simply made changes and they so happen to work well for me.

I guess it confirms a long held belief of mine that you have to do things for YOU and only you.  When it comes down to weight loss, you'll never have a solid fanbase because one lonely sumbitch is going to have something to say.  You can't win with errbody because errbody has an opinion about you and your body.  I can find people who will tell me that I didn't need to lose a pound.  I KNOW I can find someone to tell me that I need to lose more than I want.  But since this is for me and my alter ego, I rant out of damns to give.


A Very Prplgrl said…
Love it! You just keep on keepin on!

The solution is simple, if peeps don't agree with you, stay the hell off your page!
Anonymous said…
Go Tams!!!! I support you 150,000%

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