De-Fat Thoughts, aka - Well Keel Over Then, Cuz...

This blog contains a nice, sizeable, visible amount of salt.

It's cool because I had some thrown at me this past weekend.  I had to get a nip of apple cider vinegar because it almost raised my pressure. I was minding my beezniz on the interwebs watching Full Force videos and trying to learn the choreography from "aNYway" by Duck Sauce.  Well, I got a little messagy thing.  I don't typically think much of it, but this one was interesting.

HEY! I just wanted to hit you up and tell you that your posts and blogs are always really funny to me.  For the longest time, I was looking forward to the next pic or post because it made my day.  BUT lately you have turned into some kind of health nut who is always talking about juicing, eating different and exercise.  If I wanted to hear all that I would follow Jillian Michaels or something.  I'm kinda tired of it. Go back to the funny stuff!

So I sat there for the duration of "Kashmir" trying to decide which road to take.

I decided to take the high road because that's usually what I try to do first.  Except on Mondays.  On Mondays, all them hoes is low...

YO!  Sorry if all the juicing talk and such is getting irritating.  I know I am always talking about it because it's my nature to share things going on.  I find something that I think it helpful and I share with the good people.  I also have a few friends on board with me, and we trade knowledge.  I'm not trying to swamp you with a bunch of I do apologize if it's a little too much.  I'm feeling better than I have in years and I want EVERYONE to know why!  ~Management

Aight. So I was cool. Then the beesh replied.

Well it seems to me like you're browbeating people.  Nobody likes being guilted into "eating better" or losing weight.  Just because you gave in to society's peer pressure doesn't mean I want to do it too.  Just stop assuming we all want to see a gang of posts. lost weight.  You can walk.  Big deal.  Maybe I'm cool eating my junk. If I die then I die!

*needle scratches off the record*

Now you done got ignit.

I took a deep ass cleansing breath and typed what I felt.

First of all, there's no rule that states you must adhere to any or all things I post about eating healthy.  I never told you or anyone else that they had to abandon junk food.  If I make a choice for my body's sake, then you don't have the right to come at me sideways about the choice.  So what if I share what I do?  If I help one person, then the posts are worth it.  I know that this journey will alienate some people, and that's wonderful!  I want unsupportive people out of the way.  Makes room for positivity.

Second of all, you didn't have to send me anything.  There are some settings that you could utilize in order to not see what I post.  You could actually have deleted me and I wouldn't have lost one lick of sleep.  Even if I was having a little trouble sleeping, I could juice some celery an hour before bed and sleep like a BOSS.

THIRD of all, you don't know me well enough to tell me what society has made me do.  Just as I can't tell you what society made YOU do.  The decision to juice, eat better and get my ass out the sling was for me, myself, I, my family and...I'm trying to think..oh...and DEEZ NUTS!!!

I know I prolly got the ultimate "Bitch Please" look when I added Deez Nuts to the end...but sometimes, it just needs to be said.

Let me get this out in the open: my juicing and dietary changes are not meant to browbeat anyone.  I'm nobody's guru.  I'm in this thing one day at a time and I am working hard to improve my quality of life.  I am not going to stop posting a damn thing because it's for me and those on this road with me.  The fact ol' girl (who has since been delet-ed and block-ed) got pissy about it is hilarious though!

How you gon' get mad at someone for posting on their own page?! But wait...I'm not posting porn, propaganda or cons...I'm sharing knowledge I've learned to help improve my quality of life.  I mean. Really.

Ah well.  I'll juice a celebratory concoction and name it "Bitch Be Gone".


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