The Doctor is In, aka - You Need HELP!

I felt like really touching on the subject of counseling/therapy.  Maybe because a gang of fokes are crazy as a bag full of cats, or maybe because a gang of fokes are crazy as a bag full of cats.

Did you know fokes are crazy as a bag full of cats?

There are some very damaged souls out here, and I think that so many of the ills in the minds of said souls can be resolved with the intervention of a psychiatric professional.  I hate that because generational curses are real. Very real.  Crazy begat Crazy who in turn dated then married Damn Crazy and begat Mo' Crazy.  I know I'm cracking on it, but I am as serious as a heart attack when I say that a lot of the issues we face are best resolved by a person trained and educated in dealing with our minds.

We have all heard the stories of people's exes and all the foolery that they took someone through.  I wonder if many of these catastrophic breakups (or relationships altogether) could be avoided if the parties involved actually talked to a professional instead of...a friend...

Let's be real..some of these cats (male AND female) spend the first 3-6 weeks telling you what the last person did or didn't do.  In short, the first part of the relationship is spent playing...therapist.  The girl tells the guy how the last guy did her and he promises to be "different".  Girl trusts boy. Boy treats girl well. Girl still hasn't gotten over ex. Boy tries hard as hell to prove that he isn't like the ex of girl. Girl spends relationship guarded. Boy tires of trying.  They break up.

But wait. There's more.

Boy gets new girl.  Boy tells new girl that ex girl didn't appreciate him.  Girl tells him she's "different".  Boy trusts girl.  Girl loves boy.  Boy still can't tell girl he loves her.  Girl feels unloved.  Boy is cold.  Girl is lonely.  Girl confides in a new boy.  Old boy (MOVIE SHOUTOUT) is dumped by girl for new boy.  Old boy is sad.

I could go on for like a good minute about the boy/girl sagas.  I could even bring up the one where boy mistreats girl and girl begins to love another girl.  That's the one where the girl gives up on all boys and goes to a girl only to go back to a guy because she was just "curious".

Nope. Not going to go there today.

In short, all of those scenarios were the result of the hurt and lack of dealing with issues.  You ever wonder how much more peaceful relationships would be if they weren't formed by two damaged souls?  Nobody ever thinks their breakup is soooo bad that they end up on someone's couch.

I often wonder if people are willing to accept that one of their biggest things they think will help them doesn't always help.  I know it's controversial...I know it's going to piss fokes off.  But since it's my blog, I can say it.

Yall do know that laying on the altar doesn't always solve your years long contempt of that dude who did you wrong, right?

No shade to the Lord Jesus Christ because he IS mad awesome.  The issue isn't the's some of these chuuches.

I have heard people say that God can fix anything.  He can.  It's them shadetree passahs and jacklegs that ain't worth two dead flies smashed.

I think it's so funny how people will place all of their reliance in the cloth and none in the psychology.  What's wrong with talking to a professional who will not sell you out to the lowest bidder?  Don't act like you haven't heard someone gossiping in the chuuch about who slept with who and which choir member has some "demons" to pray over.

I'm not fully capable of telling what a person has to battle with.  But when a person is battling something so seri

ous as molestation, prayer can fix a lot.  I just wonder if that, in conjunction with professional counseling would make for a stronger person.  We have such serious strongholds in our community and we entrust the resolution of them to a human with little to NO obligation to keep it confidential.  I don't think all pastors will talk about your business.  But let's be real..who wants to be the one to find out that your personal problems are deacon board gossip?

Aight...enough about that...because fokes might think it's an *ahem*

Yes. That is a man being chased by an ostrich. I could not find a picture I liked so I picked a man being chased by an ostrich. Oh well. MOVIN' ON!

Back to the blog at hand.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we scorn psychology in lieu of talking to others or not talking at all.  In both cases, I think it's super dangerous to ourselves and the people we love.  I think of some people's attitudes and I have to wonder if they took the "tell somebody route".  Ya they listen to someone who most likely has a vested interest.  If you think about it...think of situations you've been in.  Think of who you discussed the situations with.  Think of the answers you got from those fokes you talked to.

In you think it was cool you talked to them?

You DO know, not everyone who has the title of "Friend" really is a friend, right?

And you DO know that most people wouldn't tell you to do something that isn't beneficial for them, right?

And you DO know that, it is a known fact that a woman do carry an evening bag at dinner time?



Okay, okay, okay. I'm back.  I might need therapy. LMAO!

I know I did get silly, but trust me when I say that we shouldn't scorn therapy.  Some things are not solved in talking to a friend, a pastor, or even mama.  Wisdom is a really good teacher, but when you have years of struggle, stress, strain, strife or worse, seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness.  It doesn't mean you've "lost faith".  But when we have so many people affected by the actions of a person that came years before, we have a problem.  We could easily break some of these curses, but we have to stop with the pride.  Find out the root cause of why you take a person's abuse.  Find out what types of abuse you take.  Fix your relationships or find the strength to leave.

Stop asking the advice of people who have no reason to be loyal to you.  Seek professional help.


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