T.E.N. Musical Equilibrium..or Lack Thereof

Beyonce's new song sucks to me.


I don't mean to alienate my gays.

But I took a listen to "Girls (Who Run the World)" and I was like, it would be a good song if she wasn't singing. Like, if a SWAC band was playing the song while the gays and Jaycettes dance.

Listen to it...(http://www.popeater.com/2011/04/19/beyonce-girls-who-run-the-world/)


I almost caught an epilepsy.

You can't play that shit in the club!

On a side note, I really hate that music has fainted like this. Anytime a person could come up with this high rooty-pootery and it float just because you are a big name..the industry is dead! I could hit her in the mouf with a houseshoe for this song. It was so bad, I been purging my brain with Earth Wind & Fire, Prince, Phyllis Hyman and Pharoah Sanders! Oh man.

I am so mad!

I am only 28 but I know that if we don't get some real artists out here soon to put together a track that isn't over-produced Tom Foolery soon, I am going to leave my radio off until All Blues Saturday.

I think it's time for Theodis Ealy.


*clicks the "x" furiously*

Maybe Jilly can help revive music before it's cremated....

...until then...Adele..come here woman...I need to roll in the deep.



dkelli said…
yea beyonce new song does suck. i play the same artist i like as well because the new music out today sucks ass

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