De-Fat Thoughts, aka-Salute Me or Shoot Me

I knew I'd find a way to use that Flocka album title in a blog.


Honestly, it really amuses me how people treat you when you're in the process of trying to lose weight.  You find out that many people are broken down into the following categories:

*The "Don't Change" Person: This person is the one who is always quick to tell you that you don't need to change anything.  You find this person tends to start early in the game by telling you there's no real need for you to do anything you're doing.  "You look good as you are" or "there's nothing wrong with a little meat on your bones".  That is true as hell.  However, they seem to neglect that YOU want to change your weight. 

*The Cheerleader: That's pretty cut and dry. They're the ones cheering you on.  It doesn't matter if you lost one pound or eleven pounds, this person is in your corner all the way.  There is a bit of a gift and a curse with this person...she's cheering you on to keep you encouraged, which is cool.  However, some cheerleaders don't really focus on HOW the weight is coming off, just the fact that it IS coming off.

*The Confessor:  This is the one who finally tells you EVERYTHING when you start losing weight.  Typically this person sucks. Yes, that person sucks.  This person is the one who tells you that they a) was always concerned about your weight, b) thought you were beautiful before you lost weight or c) starts to tell you shit that makes you give them the stink eye (i.e. - "you look ten times better smaller", "girl, I was wondering when you were going to drop some weight because you had gotten too damn big").  Did I mention the Confessor sucks?

*Dr. Motherfuckin' Oz: No shade to the real Dr. Oz...but this person is the one who suddenly becomes a nutritionist and dietitian.  See, Dr. Motherfuckin' Oz is the one who knows what you should be eating, how you should be exercising, what supplements you need and what the hell you are doing wrong.  Like, the ones who I talk to and they tell me "you don't need to be juicing because you aren't getting what you need" or "you need to try the pills they sell at GNC to help suppress your appetite".  So you Dr. Motherfuckin' Oz now...

*The New Fat Friend: This is the hating ass who treats you differently because you aren't the fat friend anymore.  See, as long as you were the fat one in the circle, all was well.  But this broad is the one who loses the attention when YOU start to look better.  Not that you were chopped damn liver before, but as you lose weight and gain confidence, she starts to act funny.  She'll prolly be the one to tell you "you act funny now that you lost a little weight". No bitch. That would be you acting funny since I lost a little weight.

Those are typically the types that pop up when you start on a path to wellness.  I'm sure everyone has another one that isn't on the list...but that's the general few.  What sucks so much about these is that they do not really support you the way that you need to be supported when you make a serious change. The Cheerleader can push you too far, the Confessor can make you feel low, "Don't Change" isn't considering YOUR desire to change, Dr. Motherfuckin' Oz didn't tell you no damn helpful health hints when you were eating bad and gaining weight and the New Fat Friend is always reminding you of what you once were.  It's like you want you really yell "SALUTE ME, BITCHES"!

One thing I have learned is that no matter how much weight you lose, things DO change.  You may not believe it, but so much changes.  For me, I find out that people truly can't be happy for you in spite of how great you feel.  I've gotten closer to people as I share things that I do and I always have at least one or two people motivating me to never give up.  I'm truly thankful for those changes.  Yes, I'm thankful for the Fucquetards (sound it out) too because they are revealing themselves to me.  I mean damn, I'm not even visibly much smaller (only 41 pounds down at the time of this blog) and fokes are getting exposed.


If you want to make sure your changes last, you have to surround yoself with positivity. How can you git rid of junk food and laziness but not get rid of negativity?

Trim the fat in life, food and relationships..


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