9/11 Reflections...

For over a decade now, we've been told to "Never Forget".  People waved flags, pinned ribbons, held hands, cried and never forgot that fateful day that changed America.  At that time in my 19 year old life, I had never seen such a united front.  People of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, beliefs, ages...as one...being "American".  We promised not to let the terrorists win.

On this day..11 years later..I wonder what happened.

I remember sitting in Richardson Towers at U of M in a state of shock.  I watched the replay each and every single time..looking at families being torn apart one death at a time.  THOUSANDS of loved ones...gone forever.  I was too shocked to cry.  Too shocked to respond.  I simply could not wrap my mind around what I saw.  Who would do this to us? What the hell was going on? Why us? Where were these people from? How will we heal?

I developed fear like no other.  I couldn't believe this could happen to us.  We're the damn UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  These were hardworking people who did not leave that house thinking that an airplane would fly through their jobs.  It wasn't fair for us to be in such a situation..we don't bother no damn body.

Again I say..11 years later..I wonder what happened.

That day in 2001, we were all Americans.  Now, we are so sharply divided that it makes me ashamed of what we turned into.  Fokes openly discriminate against people of Middle Eastern descent and anything to do with Islam is bad.  What the hell did we turn into?  Why did we unite in 2001 only to divide sharply not long after?

Have we, in actuality, allowed terrorists to win?

I'm sure that many people will say with a straight face that everything we've done with regard to the war was the best thing ever.  You'll also have your people who argue that going to war was a knee-jerk reaction. 

We've seen the videos about the conspiracies.  Was it blown up?  Was it a set up?

Honestly, we'll never know.

What I do know is that we allowed ourselves to succumb to the fear that these terrorists laid in our laps.  We've become an "all or nothing" society.  Join in the belief of going to war or you're against America.  If you aren't White, Black or other..you'e nothing. 

I want us to really take time to think.  Why do we need reminders of what happened in 2001?  Or do we need them?

I know I posted a lot of questions...but we need to discuss this and be honest with ourselves.  Have we truly learned and gotten better?  I don't think so.

We still honor and respect the firemen, police officers  & EMTs who helped save many more lives.  But when you see soo may people being rude and disrespectful to Muslims and Middle Eastern people..I wonder have we really learned.  I think we have another year or two to ponder.


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