A Woman's Worth...aka-More Than $500k, But Not Quite $9.99

Aight Delegation, I won't be before you long because I got to finish clipping my coupons.

Mo'nique asked us to boycott Netflix because of the diabolically lowballed offer she received of $500,000. Of course, the memes just made themselves!

Personally, I don't think she should take that low level offer. She was WELL within her right to be like "hell no". I've seen a many people say she should've accepted the offer and proved Netflix to be a fool.

To THAT, Tam says "no".

Regardless of your feels about her, I'm sick of black women having to take a low offer to be accepted, then "prove them wrong". Why the hell can't they just see our worth and govern yoself accordingly?

I've read that Netflix paid Amy Schumer more because of her call out about Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. I mean, we know Amy Schumer is as funny as chipped toenail polish, alas she is controversial...which is how she most likely got what she got.

Right now, #T…

Aziz Ansari, the Necessary Discussion Nobody Wants to Have

As usual, Delegation, another turd hath hit the oscillating fan.Read up if you haven't already.Go ahead...I'll wait.Now, you're probably thinking the same thing I did. You probably called him trash or were let down by finding out a good guy is a violator. Even if you didn't, Twitter has done it for you. After reading the account from the woman involved on, I really had to examine some thoughts on this. I mean, reeeeeeeaaaaally get off Twittah and read her account over and over again. It was when I came to the perspective that this was moreso an awkward encounter than flatfoot rape.I was embarrassed to admit that because in the era of #MeToo (thank you Tawana), one that I'm unfortunately a member of my damn self, it seemed as if I was NOT in support of a woman. I mean, that's deadass tantamount to TREASON in this motherfucker!!!Thing is, I shole the hell ain't on Aziz's side. Aside from giving me the magnanimous Lena Waithe, his existence isn…

Ginuwine: Transphobic or Nawl

So this is what happened:
(Article can be found heah)
Now, as always, there is a rift as to whether Brother Lumpkin was transphobic nor nawl.
Tam's verdict is: Nawl.
From the info that I've uncovered on the situation, I didn't catch a vibe of Ginny-Poo being transphobic. If anything, I look at girlfriend sideways and wonder if she is aware of consent and how putting foke on blast isn't fair.
I'm very pro-LGBTQA without hesitation, and I've heard so many transwomen tell how hard dating is for them. As a cisgendered woman, I cannot conjure up any parallel stories. All I know is what I've seen and been told.
This can be a very prickly topic, and it always, ALWAYS goes downhill. Instead of it being a discussion of preference, it turns into name-calling, transphobia, Bible Thumpage, and a whole lot more shit than necessary. me, a transwoman is a woman. How she was born isn't of importance to me. I'm aware that people will disagree with me. I do…

Bitterness, aka - Pull Up With a Lemon

When you think of someone being bitter, what comes to mind?

Go ahead..think aboot it whilst I reopen my fridge in hopes of food magically appearing.

WELP, what you come up with?

*That angry baby mama?

*The uncle who ain't been shit since Vietnam?

*Your best friend who shoulda played them numbers?

Betcha didn't think of a positive example of bitterness, did you?

Maybe because like selfishness, anger, jealousy, and some other words I'll conjure up after I hit "submit", bitterness has a negative connotation.

Because my ass has a point to prove, I Googled the word.

And because my ass is lazy, I did it on my phone.

Look at definition number two:

"Anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly".

As a WHOLE black woman in Trump-Ass America, I'm reminded DAILY of reasons to be bitter.

One reason I have is best explained on a YouTube video of me talking aboot the "Opioid Crisis.

Shiiid, I'm bitter aboot being broke, injured, disabled, highly educ…

Cancellation Culture and Why We Shan't Cosign

Every 48 to 72 hours, I can gah-raun-tee that SOMEBODY is going to say or do something incorrect. Within a turnaround time of 49 to 73 hours, we will find that human to be cancelled.

Now, except for Logan Paul's mophead ass, I think we need to cease and desist with them tricks.

Show me a person who hasn't said or done something sideways and I'll show you a saptapper so fake that the rain will make it turn colors. Not one person in this realm is 100% accurate. Hell, even I had to fix my face a many times.

One day, I took a moment to read some old blogs and journals. Here's a synopsis of my thoughts and opinions from 10-15 years ago:

*Gays should be okay with civil unions
*Voting is pointless
*Women are responsible for preventing their own sexual assaults
*Get a job and stay at that junt forever
*You can't be confident if you don't like your weight
*Transpeople are confused as gender is binary

Now...had you seen me wax poetically on those bulleted statements, it'd…

2017...The MUVA of All Learning Experiences!!!

I had been festering mightily on how FUCT UP the year of our Lorde 2017 was for me. Like, all damn year, I been catching varying degrees of hell and I just...UGH...was about to wax poetically about how I hated every damn month of this year.

But I chilled.
That's right. I chilled.
Instead of allowing myself to cry, wax, wane and go on about the shitshow that was this whole year, I decided to do myself a much needed favor. I'm about to flip all of this and tell you that each and everything that happened to me has made me a magnanimous mofo who is about to show herself a thing or two.
You can spectate if you wanna.
*Self Love is The Best Love: All this year has been a chain of reminders that nobody is going to give me love like I can. Shiiiid, it's a reason why people flock to train wrecks. Either they want to save the day or watch shit burn. Thing do you know who's coming to do what? There's a risk in awaiting rescue because you may never be saved, or some s…

Back Up in That A** With a Resurrection!!!

So I decided to resurrect this blog.  I don't really think it was any legit reason other than me being here and being like "I miss my old blog".

My last post here was over seven months ago.  Some major events have gone down in my realm since then.

Have a drink with me, mane.
* I got a damn haircut!  It was slick necessary because my fro had run amok.  But you KNOW my black ass is ascared of scissors, so this is monumental as hell!  Nikki chopped me and replaced the blue with burgundy.  JUST LOOK AT THIS!

* I started dabbling in makeup.  Tis kind of funny because you could never have told me I would do that shit.  I ain't Facegyrl level by far, but I can make myself look nice in public.  Been heavily on e.l.f. Cosmetics because it isn't high as giraffe ass and I look good in their items.  Mane, just look at this fineassery:

* Clothing...I feel good in it.  Due to work, I had to start finding myself some adult clothes, so my maxi dress stash done amplified.  However…