T.E.N. Special Report, aka-Thursday's Recap-poo

You know what??? I am now sleepy. My adrenaline has capsized, and I am now in need of sleep.

But, I digress.

I would like to tell errbody that today was HOT! I got to be a radio celebrity and I got a half page spot in the Commercial Appeal. I am a Spotlighted Mom, and I am worth a damn.

I left 98.9 Kim FM aboot 8am and went to get Lex ready for school. Ralph stayed at my house with her since I had to hoof it mad early. I went home to drop off his paper (Copy Number One) and went on. At this point, I headed on to her school, which was when I gave her teacher a paper after our discussion about Lex being potty trained (Copy Number Two).

I went on towards the doctor, which was when I called my mom to see how she was doing. She was turning onto Bellevue from the street in front of Central High School as I was turning onto said street. I intercepted her and surprised her with her paper (Copy Number Three). At this point, I arrived at the doctor's office to reschedule my 'perntment since my doc wasn't there. I showed my receptionist the picture in the paper, which was when I was told that my doctor keeps clippings of her patients (Copy Number Four).

So...the work crew decides to fall up on some hot tamales. That was cool because I needed some more papers anyhoo. When I got there, I reached to get four of the last five papers they had. The Tamale Man said "we have a celebrity in the house", and told me that he saw me in the paper.


Well, on my way to the workhouse, Glo called me and said that I got a call from Jim Roberson (Robinson?) and he left his cell number. I was wondering why he called my desk and left that number, but I didn't think much of it. I calls this man back, and he's like "hey, I saw you in the paper. I wanted to tell you that I love Earth Wind and Fire too and I have all of their albums. You are a gorgeous full-figured woman and I saw you were single".

I quickly replied "not really. They just neglected the fact that I have been dating my NegroRican for two years. I guess since they're traditionalists, being unmarried is single".

"Well, should you ever find yourself single, please call me"!

Yes, I am the recipient of a crazed fan ALREADY!

With that there being said...all of this happened BEFORE 10 AM!

Now...I am vanquished!!! LOL! Then, dude called back to work TWO MORE TIMES and left no message.

I am now going to go to the house and lay prostrate. I am in need of some sleep and chicken.

Dictated, but not read:



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