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An announcement was just made that John "Bane of My Existence" McCain wants to postpone the great debate that was to be held at Ole Miss this Friday. Apparently, the Galloping Geezer wants to go focus on the economy.

I am led to believe that he JUST found out that we broke as hell.

The announcement is so new (it's currently 14:53 Central Time) that there is no statement from Barack's camp in regards to this Tomfoolery.

In my opinion, this is all about publicity. If I have never heard of such a valiant effort at looking relevant before in my life, I have just heard one today. I also think he's unprepared and wants to see what Barack's camp is going to do. Besides, if Barack doesn't act the way that the voters who are on the fence want him to act, they're going to applaud McCain.

I don't like John McCain. I think he really forgot that the economy was bad and wants to try to do something. He just picked a damned interesting time to do it.

Here's something for choo:

Take that John McCain. Oh, and I heard Ginkgo Biloba is good for the memory. Jackass.


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