T.E.N. Special Report, aka-Please Pray

Remember this face. Look at him closely.

His name is Reginald Davis and he's 18 years old.

And he is in jail for raping his 8 DAY OLD DAUGHTER.

Because of this perverted bastard, this child had injuries so severe that she had to be transported to a hospital in Little Rock. The little girl's 15 year old mother was the one who noticed the child was bleeding when she came out of the shower. Reginald was visiting them when the attack happened.

I am led to believe that this bastard has a history of such abuse. Nobody wakes up one day and decides to rape someone, let alone an infant. I think that he has had perverse thoughts for some time now. He impregnated a 14 year old (I'm led to believe that she was 14 at conception and is 15 now).

I don't know what his bond is, or if he's even qualified for any, but he's currently facing rape and battery charges because the baby had a fractured skull.

This situation brings up some major issues I have:

1) You have to be careful about the people you date. You have to pay attention to their behavior. He looks like something is wrong with him! I don't mean to be one to pass judgement, but he looks like his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top.

2) Where were the baby's grandparents??? Nobody, I mean NOBODY heard that baby scream? I could assume that the fractured skull could be the reason she didn't cry, but the mother was in the shower, and she didn't hear anything? This whole situation is crazy! Maybe the 15 year old mother became a mother because her parents left her alone in the first place.

3) While Reginald doesn't have an adult criminal record, the report says that he got in trouble a lot in high school. I'm sure in the coming days, we will find out more.

I admit that his criminal and mental background is speculation, what is factual is the fact that a baby girl is in the hospital because of Reginald Davis. He doesn't deserve to ever see the light of day again.

What we must do now is pray. Pray for that baby. Pray for the minds of our men, because they are few in number. While rape and molestation is not new, it seems that there is an epidemic of people with reprobate minds. Men are supposed to be protectors, leaders, fathers, sons but many are not close to either.

As for Reginald Davis, he will always be a rapist and a deviant. I can only pray that the baby will never remain a victim


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