T.E.N. Political Pages, aka-High Chicanery

I was sitting here thinking about something and watching "The Village". For some reason, the randomness of other situations permeated my medulla oblongata. It went down my spine and out my behind. It lapdanced on my laptop while my laptop was in my lap.

I realized that I had once again nodded off while listening to "Syntesizer" by Outkast featuring George Clinton.

Nevertheless, I have arrived to my point...Sarah Palin and nem should be beaten with the first available braided switch. I would like to borrow a phrase from "The Oblongs"

This whole damn court is out of order!!!

What I am getting at is the handling of Bristol Palin's pregnancy. Once the truth came out (or the semblance of said truth), Sarah Palin proceeded to go on the offensive, attacking rumors that Trig Palin (the baby with the Downs Syndrome) was NOT her daughter's baby. She then admitted that Bristol is indeed pregnant. She went into some speech about loving her regardless and wanting them to see the responsibilities of raising a child at a young age. Instead of waxing real with it, she quickly added that Bristol and that baby's daddy were getting married.

I was not amused.

I am aware that sister girl from the Igloo Subdivision is pro-life, even going so far to say that she values ALL life--rape or sickness be damned (she said that herself..minus the "be damned" part). Well, I have seen through her and I say that is not a 100% true statement. She values her grandbaby's life so much that she will condone (or possibly set up) their wedding. I'm sure she's going to say that the baby deserves to live and such, but when she had the chance to say what she REALLY felt...she put out a canned speech.

I never heard her mention that Bristol and the First Baby Daddy Hopeful loved each other.

Shotgun weddings have been around for ages and will continue. However, Sarah and Todd Palin took time to announce that their kid is getting married. Nothing works better in regard to the well being of that child than to be MARRIED to some cat you're lukewarm for. Hell, on his MySpace page discusses how much of a "Redneck" he is and how he doesn't want any kids. She could've mentioned going to counseling, etc., but she chose to wax political.

I think that a real woman would come out with her feelings. "I am not happy with her pregnancy, but I trust that I raised her well enough to know the best move to make. I will support her and continue to love her, but right now I'm upset with her for being so irresponsible".

There you go.

I think that people would at least respect her more is she was being real. She can't get political with her daughter and grandchild's futures. When she loses her race for the Vice Presidency to Joe Biden, she's going to return to her Igloo and raise Holy hell...

And we'll be reading about Levi and Bristol Johnston's impending divorce


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