T.E.N. News Report, aka-Politicking, Love(?) and Other

Greetings people and others, I am here with a brief snippet o' news. I don't have much that is worth a damn, but here's what I do have to entertain thou with.

*Here's Bristol & "Redneck" Levi* I must say, they cleaned the ol' redneck up well. I'm tripping because they actually got her Baby's Daddy (aka-Political Fiance..) out the house, slapped a suit on him, put a little Dapper Dan on his hair and now he's "part of the family". Granted, I think Bristol had a right to be there, but they are really milking this situation. Had Sarah "Moosekillah" Palin not been running for VP, he would've been back home with strict instructions NOT to leave the oil pipeline until the baby was born.

Here they are looking like a real family

Look at them holding hands...

And look, he has her name tattooed on his finger..


Yesh, yall, he has her name tatted on his finger. I think he would be a little reluctant to do that if her family wasn't trying to get to the White House!!! I think he's really going to milk this situation all the way.


*Harry Potter got it on!* Um, Daniel Radcliffe said he lost his virginity at 16 (which is the age of consent in Britain) to an older woman. Sounds to me like you're trying to get some street cred, Harry.

Good luck!

*Speaking of Good Luck* Star Jones done got herself another man! This cat here is a chef (uh oh) named Herb Wilson. I don't know mch else aboot him yet, but I know that Star better watch out! Remember, you are still a fat girl, Star! DON'T EAT THE CHEESECAKE! IT IS EEEEVILLL!

*LeAnn Rimes celebrates 7 years of marriage* Actually, it's technically been six and a half years, but who's counting. No, Country Crock hasn't forgotten her wedding date, but she and her husband Dean Sheremet wanted to celebrate while the weather was good and such. For some reason, Dean looks kind of...well, you know. BUT, I digress. They said that they are ready for kids and all that. I got to tip my hat to them though, she got married at 19 and has lasted longer than everything Carmen Electra EVER did.


*Oprah, GET YO MAMA!* Vernita Lee has a $150,000 bill at Valentino. Apparently, she's had an open account there since 2004 and, um...well, she ain't paid it. All she had to pay was $2,000 a month!

Somebody tell Vernita she ain't too good for Lane Bryant.

*Last, but not least...*

...go get yo' uncle!


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