A Life in the Day of Tam, aka-Zone Three

This trip into the mental mind of Tam occurred Wednesday, August 27, 2008 from Noon until about 13:00. I would like all of my friends and fam to know that this is what happens when I am sleepy, bored, and distracted.

Keep in mind, I am at work. I would also like for you to realize that my mind wonders like this frequently. Soooo...if you're ever talking to me and I do something odd, it's most likely because something popped in my head.

It's not you...it's me.

My mental mind is italicized.

I'm not hungry. Apparently, this pillage is working. RRRAH! I wonder if I should go buy that body scrub that Gloria was talking about. I don't know if I should pay $17 for a sugar scrub. Why can't I take some liquid soap and some Splenda and VOILA!

Somewhere along the way, I think that isn't correct. Ooh, "Centipede" is on the Zune. I like Rebbie Jackson. She's still married to that dude she got married to on the "Jackson's" movie. Did she come out with another song? She can actually sing.

**Phyllis, my manager, is on the other side of the room talking to her assistant Carla at this point.**

Phyllis has been talking to Carla for a minute. I think she may be long winded. Anyhoo...

"Hairbraiderrrr, I'm doing my hairbraiderrrrr
She do my hair so good man I got to tip herrrr
The way she strip for me I gotta tip herrr"

Why is he doing his hairbraider? Why doesn't he do his shampoo tech? I bet shampoo techs don't get love like that. Like, the stylist gets love, but I'm sure somebody washed the hair for her. I'm going to change this song. It's not fair to the shampoo tech. Well, if the tech was a man, then that's different.

*flips through the Zune and settles on Phyllis Hyman*

I love her voice. Speaking of Phyllis...she's still talking to Carla over there. I wish Phyllis Hyman was still alive. She could really sing. Okayyy, this is too sad for my soul. Let's see...TEVIN CAMPBELL?!? Who the hell put this on heah?

**At this point, I hear a walkie talkie**

AH, security! LOL! Hope I didn't do it. Did I do it? Nah. Not today. Here we go...Outkast "SpottieOttieDopalicious"! They should've done a video for this. Dammit, dude's walkie talkie is drowning out Sleepy Brown! I'll be glad when he leaves. Maybe he needs one of those quiet walkie talkies. Is there a such thing? I could just turn my music up. It's not like the headphones are on my head. They're kind of propped up like speakers so nobody else will hear them.

**Gloria walks past and drops my work on my desk. "You gon' get up from that desk soon, right"?

"Hell, I'll get up eventually. I'm sleepy".

"Girl, you been in that spot for the longest. I'm not going to let you and your manager worry me!" *laughs*

"What Phyllis do, Glo?"

"Fell out"

"With who? I missed a fight I ain't in?"

"Tamara, she fell out and clutched her chest! DIDN'T YOU SEE ME WALK PAST YOU AND CALL 911?!?"



"I heard a walkie talkie, but I didn't know what the hell was afoot!"

"LORD, I swear if I fall out around you, I'm dead!"

"Naw...everytime I hear a thud, I ask if you fell out!"

"I swear, you are always over there ZONED THE HELL OUT!"

So, now, Phyllis is in the emergency room. We don't know what happened yet, but she should be fine.

Apparently, I am always in outer space. This is official proof.

I am vanquished.


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