The Great Gustav Debate

Hurricane Gustav has come, seen, and conquered.

Now, many evacuees are ready to go home. I am glad that the damage done to New Orleans and the surrounding areas was nowhere near the scale of Katrina, but the mere possibility sent thousands packing. Many decided to come to Memphis to seek refuge for a few days just in case Gustav was no joke. I have read countless articles, message boards and comments and I have come to these conclusions in regards to this situation:

*There are people who had no hesitation in opening up their doors and churches. People volunteered left and right and encouraged more people to seek shelter. Some Memphians were grateful for their business and offered discounts and gave donations on their behalf.

and on the flipside...

*There were some very irate people in Memphis complaining that people should have been more prepared for the storm. They felt it was unfair to come to Memphis looking for discounts and donations when they were aware of the fact that they live in an area that is hurricane-prone. One person even commented that the evacuees should have money and materials saved up since hurricane season tends to start on June 1 of each year.

Just to tell you what I think, I feel that the average, honest evacuee came to Memphis to avoid the possible crowds of people who went to Jackson, MS. I think that those who could afford to do so came here, got a room, and made do until the time came to go home. I also think that there were some people who had been displaced or affected by Katrina three years ago and packed what they could and went where they had to. Some may have even returned to Memphis because they remember that they were treated well. I don't knock them for going back to New Orleans because it's home, no matter how much crime and hurricane damage there is (and could be).

Of course, with any situation, crooks come to be crooked.

So, what do you think?


Gia Shakur said…
I think people should be free to roam wherever they want addition to that these people who were complaining about the discounts and donations and what not....why are they so concerned. Some folk in n'awlens is living hand to foot and cant afford to stow away products for hurricane season...people need to love more and stop bitchin basically

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