Duggar Thuggin'..

One of the more random things I've ever been asked in my life was "how in the hell could you like the Duggars?"

Apparently, there's this odd little thing in which I'm not allowed to watch reality shows in which the people's lives and backgrounds differ so mightily from my own.

Alas, I'll elabo-rate on it while I am awaiting the update of my iTunes.

*It's a Family of Humans:  Being that I didn't have the most traditional of family upbringings, I always admired and respected those who were able to have them.  Not saying that my life was in shambles, but I loved seeing togetherness.  I love seeing the teamwork and the connections.  It's really cool seeing the siblings get er done.  Personally, I don't like 19 people in real life, so methinks I would have flipped a table if my mama walked in saying "hey kids, I'm pregnant again".  I'd go apply for early college enrollment far, far aweh.

*Buying Used, Saving the Difference:  That was oddly my way of rolling throughout my adult life..uh, minus the saving part.  (I was a po' working adult human, yall.  Now looking for jobs in Memphis.)  I have found that in some cases, yard sales and thrift stores were more beneficial than the average person thought.  I have been really heavy on that tip since I stepped out on my own at 19, and quite honestly, I recommend it.  For example, I've found name brand items for WAY cheaper at sales.  Abercrombie shirts for 50 cents with tags still on them, New Balance for under $20, furniture that had a couple scratches but nothing else amiss.  So when I saw a family doing what I've been doing since King got killed, it was another connection.  Besides, there are some things you can't half step on (for us, it's anything that touches our skin and hair) so I need to cut costs where possible.

*Homeschool Thuggin, son:  You'll never believe this, but I am a HUGE proponent of homeschooling.  Yes, Tam loves homeschoolers and the cats who do it.  I've never been able to do it because I was a working parent and never had the blessed ability to stay home with my kid.  The fact that the Duggars took control of their kids' education was a big deal to me.  Yeah, yeah, I don't agree with all of the things they teach, but I respect that they do it.  If I won the lottery tomorrow (you wouldn't know it), but I would snatch Lex out of school and get the materials to do it myself.  CJ...yeah, Jones has to go to daycare every day they're open.  I ain't there yet.

*I've Grown to Love Them:  I remember back in the day, I saw their special "14 Kids and Counting".  I was amazed at how Michelle was an OG Triple OG on that kid front.  She had a gift like no other because chiiiiile, I got TWO and wonder if I need to take the midnight train to Georgia.

*I Don't Have to Be LIKE Them to Learn From Them:  And that's ultimately what the attraction to them is.  I am damn near polar opposites from them.  I am not nearly as religious, I believe FIRMLY in the blessed shot that is Depo Provera, I let my kids watch TV and have internet access more often, I don't want a big family and yall can keep skirts and shit.  But, from the years of watching, I have picked up things.  First of all, Michelle's way of giving kids tasks has come under fire (someone once said that she's passing all the work to her kids), but what's wrong with giving them responsibility?  I recently stopped cleaning Lex's room because she needs to learn how to take care of things.  She isn't there yet, but hey, I am noticing little improvements daily.  I am starting to work on showing CJ how to do things, but Jones is on some Tasmanian Deviltry right now.  Anyhoo..I know they are a conservative Christian, Republican, Quiverfull family.  I know that means that we will most likely never align.  Alas, it's better TV than some of the other bull out there.

Yes.  I am a fan of the show.  The drama content is not on an all time high every episode!  The most drama involved Josie's birth and her miscarriage of Jubilee.  We don't have a bunch of fighting, no bitching, just lighthearted family fun.  I know that editing takes place in all reality shows, so I doubt that what we see is the full story.  But at least I don't have to deal with a whole bunch of crap.

In the end.  It's one of a handful of reality shows I can deal with these days, chile.  Man, the Little People!  How about I talk about Will and Zoey like I went to school with them!  LOL!  I admit it, I'm a sucker for positive family shows!

But don't get it twisted, son...I'm still a heathen.



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