Brother Meeks, You Have Shaken Le Table

The face you see above is the face of one Jeremy Meeks, a gentleman that NOBODY cared about until a few days ago.  Up until then, mugshots weren't know, like an ad for one of them clothing joints with the sexy people.  When cats like me think o' mugshots, we think of..

and then there's...

which reminds me, I have to retwist my hair tonight.  And then we has this..

which ALSO reminds me that I need to get some more avocado oils.  OH, and then..

Yeah.  That's what mugshots usually look like.  Well, unless you's Prince, then you get THIS:



So appurrently, the women of the interwebs were blown away by the fact that Jones looks like he came right off a Times Square ad next to Antonio Sabato, Jr.  Truthfully, I think it's FUNNY AS HELL because even some of my more laidback sisters were catcalling like we were at Chippendale's!  Hey, if you think the man is swexy, then make it known, children.

Here's a little more of Brother Meeks..

Okay.  There you go, fokes.

As le title of le blog reveals, dude has shaken the table!  Aside from women posting all kinds of hot buttered love towards the man, the Facebooks have been ALIVE with the laments of brothers who are actually being swole about this!  Like, you know, they forgot how many times they've posted pics of high assed excellence by way of World Star..and we sit back and shake our heads.  The bottom line is, we sit back and shake our heads.  Some womens get a little up in arms because it is a little frustrating and all to have dudes looking at women with unnatural features, but all and all, we accept that some men simply like the asses bubbled and the titties full.

In the famous words of Bubba Lee Hayes, "just do your thang".

Oh but no, they's filled with sodium.

"You women will take a felon and try to fix him."

"Women don't want a good man, they want a convict."

"I guess I don't stand a chance because I don't have a record."

Are we actually feeling some type o' way, fellas?

Women simply think the man is good looking!  And quite honestly, if his mugshot is that good looking, I'm sure some people are wondering how swexy is he in real life.  But I strongly doubt that any of these thousands of giddy women actually WANT him, want him.  Of course, even if they did, the mens couldn't WAIT to post THIS:

"Sorry ladies, HE'S GAY!!!!!"

No.  That's his brother.  And even if he WAS geh, he doesn't mysteriously devolve into a hideous ass creature feature because he's not of the hetero.

What this debacle has told me is that I reckons some brothers can't handle the tables turning.  We sit back and listen to the catcalls and the superficiality and we accept that is just the way SOME guys are.  At the end of the day, we are all superficial creatures to an extent.  Have you ever known a person to choose the ugliest car?  Even cats who choose the raggediest of houses do so with the plan to make it mad sexy with a little work.  What makes the difference is how much you allow it to consume you.

At the end of the day, dude's mugshot wasn't too terribly Gary Busey level and fokes were amused.

No men, it doesn't mean there's no hope for you.

Well some men's attitudes towards this probably don't help their causes..whining and tripping over a mugshot and the fact fokes are really digging it.  Ugh.  Go sit down, young men.

Let's find a whole cause or something.

Like chicken.

Chicken is good.

I want a Popeye's biscuit now.



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