Tam's Planking Post (aka-Hush)

So, I had like, 7 people ask me what the hell Planking was. I wish I had a really solid definition that was eloquent as hell, but I don’t. So here it is…

…planking is the fine art of laying face down with your arms by your side on random crap…

That’s it.


Nothing more..nothing less.

A certain blogger and a few other people don’t really take to this new craze. The reason stated was that Blacks were taking to it and weren’t aware of the slavery reference. One blogger even inferred that our “mindless sheep” mentality was going to be the death of us. (The slavery definition of Planking involved stacking slaves face down like planks with their arms chained to their sides). Thing is, the craze itself so happens to share its name with a very dank practice, but appears to have no racist undertones.

Since I’m a staunch supporter of the insanity that is Planking, I decided to do some research. Apparently, this game was allegedly invented in 1997 and popularized in England. As a matter of fact, the craze spread in Europe and Australia before it even made it to the US. Over there, it was referred to as “The Laying Down Game”.

After reading a few articles MONTHS AGO, I found it necessary to like the Planking page for Australia. It looked like some silly, harmless fun.

But of course…fokes got to run with it and go off and die. A few people Planked their last Plank in some foolish places andd were killed or hurt. As with any fad, there is that one or them fokes. I mean, who in DE hell thought Planking on a railroad track with a train coming was smart?

Truth be told, it’s nothing but something for a laugh. It isn’t racist, it isn’t the worst thing Black people could ever do, and it for damn sure is less dangerous than flickin' Downtown! Hell, if I wasn’t by myself all the time, I prolly would’ve posted some pics because I have some mighty wicked Planks!

Let’s find something else to fight for and about. It’s a fad that will probably be gone in a few months.

So, if the term “Planking” bothers you, call it “Modified Richy Shit”.


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