A Short Purge of the Medulla (From 5/30/11)

You know...fokes bother me. I think there is something really wrong with our good people. We tend to spend a great deal of time complaining and bitching about what a person does wrong. We don't have any qualms in telling someone that another person is a whore or a slut. Fokes will see a pregnant girl and shake our head at her, condeming her to a life of mediocrity and shame. Families will sit in circles talking about family members who are on drugs and strung out.

But nobody ever asks "why".

Why does that woman feel the need to be sexually open with whoever she feels like? Why did that young girl end up pregnant? Why did that relative get hooked on drugs? Well, nobody asks because it's not as interesting to find out anything. Research takes time and effort. The outcome isn't always as interesting as the hypotheses. I guess if it turned out that the young girl really felt as if she was in love with the father of her child and believed him when he said he would be there for them, it wouldn't be as fun as dooming her. Uncovering a family secret that reveals long time issues of abuse would probably render some people silent...and then they would have to seek help for that junkie uncle.

Ah, who wants to actually care?

I think that in this shortcutting age, it's not fun to take the long way around to a solution. Quick food, fast texts, 4G Speed hookups and crash diets...that's the society we live in today. I guess it's easier to point fingers than to extend a hand.


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