After a Round With Coco B. Ware (Originally from 4/26/11)

Again yall, I can't believe I allowed myself to resort to such foolery. I don't usually do that, but for some reason, it had to be done. Allow me to share the backstory for those who didn't catch the act...

In September 2009, I took a picture of a gentleman with a very nice purse. The subtitle was "Really..." and I proceeded to compliment his purse. Only one person made mention of his lifestyle (as I am mindful that not all people are in agreement with the LGBT community), but we all remarked about his purse...

..not satchel..

Today, he added me as a friend. It wasn't until I saw he commented on the picture that I realized he took the pic as a slight. Instead of being a grown man and messaging me, he attacked me under the picture. Jones even called me a "fat Murtle Urkel"!


Though I never once attacked his lifestyle, I admit that I went in on him because I didn't appreciate how he came at me. I didn't appreciate being made fun of by some cat who really doesn't know me. Besides, all he had were "fat bytch" comments and other grammatical errors to chuck at me.

DUH! I knew I was fat already!


I had made plans to delete this donkey afterwards, but he deleted himself. He proceeded to attack any everyone who commented after.

When I look back at my comments, I can say that I am proud I kept it clean-ish. I didn't have to resort to ignorance to convey my points. I meant every word I said to him. I basically told him that 1) I never said a bad thing about him and 2) if you are such a "Bossbytch", why would you even care what people thought?

My self-confidence takes a hit every now and then, but it's never from another person's comments. We are often are harshest critics, and sometimes we see things that others don't see. But trust me when I say that no man can make Tam feel low. A confident "Queen" would not have wasted one minute on that picture. You think confident people care what others think? Chile please. Gay or straight, a person with high self esteem will not have an attitude. That person will not waste time living in anger about other's opinions.

That's why I did apologize in my status...because I should not have gone back and forth with him.

BUT, you can't eff up my couch and not get your legs beat.

I'm Rick James, bitch.


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