She SAID She Was Sexy!!! (From 6/21/11)

A Facebook friend of mine posted a status asking if a woman should have a right to get mad when they’re harassed for dressing of the sexy. Allow me to share my thoughts in mah own forum because I didn’t want to bo-guard his.


Now, onto my thoughts.

I think that some women these days have made things difficult for themselves. Some of them scream about wanting a husband and how they are “Divas”. They talk about how they aren’t going to let a man mistreat them and that they deserve respect. As they’re carrying on this conversation, they’re prepping to go to the club without a bra on, wearing leggings and a short shirt with no underwear. They would have spent mad grip on a hood ass hairdo with the most flammable of cheap weave and are about to leave their kid(s) with someone who is most likely irresponsible as hell.

They’ll then get to the club and hang with a herd of women on a similar level of blistering hoodrattery, only to have an attitude when a dude walks up to them and says something right sideways. She’s ready to pull the switchblade from under her tongue and send him straight to M.J. Edwards.

If I were a man, I’d be confuzzled.

*ponders* But she ain’t got on no panties, them tights (not leggings) she’s wearing shows me a cutout of the kitty, and she ain’t wearing a bra…so I figured she was going. Ah well, on to her friend.

But I ask the question, what type of attention does a woman expect to get when she governs herself as such? Why would she take her size 18 ass and squeeze it into a size 10 dress, then get mad when cuz walks up on her and try to get it?

“But Tamara” you ask, “what’s wrong with being sexy”?

Not a damn thing!

I can take a tour of my Facebook friends’ club pics and post dozens of Sexy Gone Right examples. I’ve seen quality wigs and weaves worn to compliment the MAC decorated faces. The curvy chicas who ain’t a-scared to show it are rocking the fitted (not TIGHT) ensembles. These ladies’ crews roll deep full of sexiness, with a hint of classiness and fun. *sighs* Yeah, some dude with a Duke still walks up on them occasionally I’m sure, but not too many bruhs are going to come at them sideways because they don’t give off that “I NEED your attention” vibe.

Sexiness exudes from within. It’s a mindset that emi-emin-immi-um, comes from your pores. True sexy people know that it’s not about how much or how little they wear. The cost of the apparel means nada, as it’s the attitude that gets you. Sexy knows no size, race, age or income level. It’s a feeling. A half-nekkid chica in the club thinks she’s sexy, but she doesn’t KNOW it. If she KNEW she was sexy, she’d have no reason to compete with the other ladies.

So yeah, a half-nekkid broad will get negative attention. She might get her light bill paid, but nothing of substance because she isn’t carrying herself with substance. A crew of sexy ladies with class may not get one dude to talk to them, but they will be getting looks. Besides, someone looking for easy prey knows to chase after the cows and leave the stallions be…


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