T.E.N. Entertainment Schism-ism for 2009

It's my first official Entertainment Blog o' 2009.

That last note doesn't count because I was relaying pertinent information.

I don't give a damn if you think it was pertinent or not. Fie on all of you who doubt the pertinentiness of that last note. Alas, I digest. Keep hating on me and you get pics like this:

HA! I scare you with her little body.

Well fokes, it's only seven days into this here institution called 2009, and we have already had a lot of shiggity afoot.

As you are probably aware already, John Travolta and Kelly Preston lost their 16 year old son Jett a few days ago. There was a bit of conflict about how he was found and what happened to him, but that's neither here nor there. The man lost his child. As of my last reading, he passed from a seizure caused by Kawasaki Syndrome, but because he was an Autistic Scientologist-raised child, speculation flew all over the place. Regardless of what killed him, pray for his family's strength.

Also, the investigation into the death of Dr. Dre's son is over. The findings state that Andre Young passed away at age 20 from an overdose of Heroin and Morphine. Pray for Dre's fam too. No matter the circumstances, losing a child is hard.

On yesterday (1/6/09), Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner birthed themselves another daughter. No name has been released, but I'm sure she looks like Jen. Apparently, that chick has some shonuff genes...

Mystique and the dude from Joe's Apartment procreated too. In case you aren't a movie geek like myself, that is Rebecca Romijm & Jerry O'Connell. They named their twin girls Dolly Rebecca Rose & Charlie Tamara Tulip.


I'm not going to bring up the fact they named those twin girls Dolly & Charlie and I'll instead focus on the fact one of them has Tamara as a middle name.


Speaking of twins, that biracial married couple in the UK who had one light twin and one dark twin done had another light twin and dark twin set. I would get my tubes tied if I were her. That's four kids in two shots. I say no.


Okay, I'm back.

Britney Spears has officially been reduced to being a child in the eyes of the law because her father has PERMANENT Conservatorship as of this year. That means dude can even put out her company now.

That's frakked up, sons.

Coolio & Verne Troyer are on Celebrity Big Brother UK. Damn.

Jennifer Hudson has SEVEN NAACP Image Award Nominations! Apparently, that's the most of anyone else this year. Six are for singing and one is for acting. I'm glad she's shining right nice. Not just because of what happened to her fam, but because the chick is bad. And she don't like hoo-hoo, living under your spotlight hoo-hoo.

And in the BEST news of the 2009 thus far, look at my girl Amy J. Winehouse!!! She's starting to fill back out and look healthy! She can't help being made up kind of odd, but I'm just glad to see her looking better. Here's another photo!

Oh, and neither of those dudes are the sorry ass husband who introduced her to the crack rock...

Well fokes, that's all I got for right now. I ain't talking bout Jennifer Aniston and her inability to go sit down, but I will show you this here pic:

This is the Obama Family prepping for their first day of school at Sidwell Friends School in DC. Apparently, tuition is damn near $30,000 a pop...


Aight, until next time Gadget...


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