T.E.N. Editoriality for January 21, 2009.


Now that I got that out the way...here's my new favorite pic of the First Couple:

Ah yes. Like nobody else is in the room.

Here are some other pics of people who were in full force for the great day of Brother 'Bama:

Ashanti looks a bit thicker than normal, but I'm not going along with the pregnancy rumors yet. She may have just fell up on some shrimp for the occasion...

J.Lo, Benny Medina (her manager) and The Scrat are in full effect. Why does it look like she's doing that "laugh with me, please" laugh?

Shakira, Shakira! That's all I can say! All four 4'11" of her is bad!

Ah yes, Dear ReRe. She took me right back to the Cook Convention Center with this COGIC Classic. I'm glad her boobies didn't break free...

This dress of First Lady Michelle's got roasted by Yahoo because they felt that she shouldn't have worn white. Well, in case you don't know, Michelle may have the ability to wear who she wants, but she tends to go with retail fashions and lesser known designers. This here was done by a 26 year old Asian cat named Jason Wu. Brother man didn't even know she picked his dress until he saw it on TV.

I need to learn how to design a dress...

But this here is THE best pic of them all:

This is the most civilized "Kick Rocks, Bush" pic ever...loosely translated to say "BYE NIGGA"!
Now that I've gotten the political out the way, on to the Hong Kong Foolery:

Boy George got 14 months for torturing a male escort! Apparently, he got the male escort and thought that dude was down for having his ass whooped with a chain whilst being handcuffed. Either way, he looks a tad out o-shape.

*sings "Karma Chameleon"*

This is Joaquin Phoenix. He, too, doesn't look like himself anymore. Now he raps...


Jamal "Gravy" Woolard slapt the shit out of his wife!!! Ol' girl said "I bet you won't hit me"...and he did! GOLDEN! He got court at the end of this month!

Oh, um, I do not advocate domestic violence...but you can't tell me that ain't a little funny in at least three Southern states!

Kimora & Djimon are pregnant...

Go get Coolio. He's over there on Celebrity Big Brother messing with womens. The first picture is Mutya Buena (she did that song "B Boy Baby" with Amy Winehouse) and then there's LaToya Jackson. They even have some investigators checking into whether he's doing something REAL rambunctious...

This is a Yukon. Apparently, General Motors ain't selling enough of them shits. Word is, Toyota beat them in sales! It isn't by a huge margin, but I think that's funny. From the owner of a GM vehicle, I will say that this is probably because Toyotas last longer than marriages...

THAT'S all I got for now. I gots to go now. Tune in again when I talk about something else with my own spin on it!

~Dictated, but not read...


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