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I am suffering from "Diminished Act Rights"! I couldn't wait to get right rambunctious when the CNN cat said "It's Official"! I was on the phone with Ralph and he told the fokes in the Coca-Cola warehouse. Ralph said that it's obvious he won because they were popping off in The Mound.

Yes, negroes be shootin'.

Anyhoo, I got schizophrenical after that announcement. I laughed, I cried, I jumped, I yelled, I ran, and then I opened the door and yelled "OOOOOOOOOBAMMMMMAAAAAA"!!!

That could account for the big ass EGG on my car this morning, but I ain't getting into that right now.

So I instantly try to call the peoples, but Cellular South was TIRED! LOL! They couldn't get not a nary a call through! Finally, I start sending text after text and I was getting text after text and finally...

...my phone froze.

I am deeply amused that El Razor had a stroke last night. Well, after a while, I couldn't seem to get myself calm. I flipt through a bunch of channels to make sure that they got it right, and finally, after going through EVERY Satellite News channel I could find...I realized that it was over.

So at this point, I awaited John McCain's concession, and was prepared to hear some shiggity when I heard something rare from ol' boy--dignity! He conceded with class and respect. I actually DVR-ed that too, so it's legit. After he told them angry ass 'Publicans to mellow out, I got hyped again.

I had to put on some clothes and mob!

So, I jumped up and got in The Trailblazer and hit the ground running!!! I got a call from a Poll Partner named Paula and she was talking about how we did it!

Which we did, sons.

She asked what we were going to do to celebrate, and I said that I was going to drive and be loud. It worked well. I somehow ended up on the E-Way and on Riverdale. At this pernt, I decided to see friend Jeremy. When I pulled up in there and knocked on the door, I apparently startled Sister Garcia! Man, I ran in there and gave Brother Curry a hellified chest bump!


Soooooo...I finally lowered my blood pressure and sipped on some of the finest of Cava with DeWitt, Sister Beige and 'nem. We had some good laughs in the midst of celebrating our historical moment and of course I had to go off and start EFFING with the damned cats. What the hell where their names, methinks they're named Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria but either damn way, I don't like neither one of those cantankerous ass felines anymore.

So, Jeremy gives me the "Cat Harasser" thing that looks like a riding crop. So, I am playing with two of the cats (Shadrach and Meshach) and trying to make them fight over the thingy. Actually, I was trying to make the cat with the trick knee jump. After a while, I asked DeWitt if I could hold the damn cat. Apparently, Trick Knee Cat didn't like me. He puts his tail betwixt his legs like a lil bitch and start whining. THEN the bastard cat MEANMUGS me with them steely green eyes.

I forfeited him to Stephanie.

Next, I got the other Bastard Cat with the Stedman Graham like haircolor. He kept his paw up around my neck like he was going to choke me or something. He ran the hell away as SOON as I let him go. Last, but not least, I meet my "Kindred Cat"...the one that sniffs out chicken and shrimp. Stephanie and Jeremy said "be careful, he's kind of skittish".

No, that damn cat is RETARDED.

So, he started doing that thing where he wouldn't stop staring at me even when I turned his body away from me. Jeremy was muttering something about holding him differently, but when I saw that bastard was looking like Simple Damn Jack, I got ready to put his fool ass down. Then all of a sudden...


That damn cat effed my right hand UP! I had a deep gash in my palm and two other wayard scars on the Blackhand side!!! That damn cat made me BLEED.

He had better not cross my path again or we're having Chinese Food.

*Tamara looks at the ACE Bandage holding together her iniquities*

Yeah, so to get BACK on the subject of this bloggery, Obama won the Presidency, and we are on our way to a change.

And I'm on my way to the damn doctor. Bitch ass cat.


I have reserved a minivan for Satuday, January 17, 2009. If anybody plans on going to the Inauguration and is flying out of Nashville, then get at me. I can't go there myself, so I'm shuttling those who can. I am asking for help on the rental and the gas and maybe some chicken. Jeremy calls it the "Overground Railroad".

p.s.-here's Cynthia McKinney. She was almost the first black woman President. Well, if you consider having 140,045 votes a close victory.


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