What Kind of Mess is This?!?

Read this article. I swear, I can't make this up:

(MEMPHIS, TN 2/18/2008) A love triangle turns violent. Two twenty-something women fighting over the same guy. One pulls out a gun and starts shooting. But in this case the guy the women were fighting over is barely old enough to get a driver's permit.

The shooting happened the day after Valentine's Day at the Cypress Garden Apartments.

"We're starting to get cases on women just like anything else," said Lt. Nathan Berryman with the Memphis Police Dept. "It's not male exclusive crime anymore."

Police say 20-year-old Cherry Wright tried to kill her boyfriend's ex during a drive-by shooting. According to the report, she rolled up to 23-year-old Lakeviette Smith's apartment, pointed a gun out the window and started firing at her.

The guy they're fighting over was behind the wheel. He's only 15 years old.

"He could be 15, he could be 20. You have conflict between people that doesn't de-escalate. It just keeps going and going," said Lt. Berryman.

And it doesn't end there. Fortunately Smith wasn't hit, but police say with all the gunfire Wright accidentally shot her teenage boyfriend in the neck.

He's charged with helping her gun down his ex, who also happens to be pregnant with his child.

A jealous feud that got out of control. It's something police say they encounter way too often.

"They get into an argument, it results in a fist fight, that doesn't settle it, it's not over, they return with a gun and shoot up a house or shoot somebody," said Lt. Berryman.

Wright's behind bars on a $500,000 bond. Her 15-year-old boyfriend wasn't seriously hurt.

Yes people, you have read this correctly. A TWENTY year old woman shot at a 23 year old woman who was pregnant by her FIFTEEN year old boyfriend!!!

Has it come to this? I mean, has it really come to the point where a woman is willing to murder a pregnant woman over a BOY! As for the woman that is pregnant by said child, did she know that her ex-boyfriend is only 15? For the FOOL that shot at her, how could she allow herself to be manipulated by a child?

Articles like this make me really wonder how desperate women have become over the years. Even if this boy was a grown man, the fact that they are fighting about him is terrible. We all know what happens after this incident: The shooter goes to jail, and most likely, the boy and his baby's mother end up back together. I would like to have unbridled optimism that the pregnant young lady would move on and cut him and his foolishness out of her life, but let's be real here...she messed around with a 15 year old, so how sensible could she be?

Let's now assume that she didn't know that the boy was 15, because in this day and age, 15 looks a lot like 25! I will still deduct points off of her mental quality scale for not doing her research. I think that if more women took time to find out about the men they are involved with, then we wouldn't have so many situations with deadbeat dads, finding out they were just "the other woman" like Ray Parker Jr said (which might I add, I LOVE Ray Parker, Jr), or even ending up with an STD that lasts longer than the night of pleasure they shared.

But, I digress...

There is no excuse for this foolishness. Things like this happen all over the country, and will likely continue for years to come. It's sad that the person who loses the most is that unborn child. I guess nobody thinks about that, but I have to. If that child's father is willing to allow another woman to shoot his or her mother, then it's obvious that he could care less about that child's life. Then, the vicious cycle of neglect continues. Unless something is done in that child's life now, then he'll be 15 years old with a 30 year old father that isn't active in his life and 15 years of bottled up anger and hatred behind the barrel of a gun. If that child is a girl, she'll likely look for the love she's missing from her father from another man...possibly resulting in that man becoming a grandfather at 30.

However, he won't likely care because at 30, he's most likely not going to care about either woman from when he was 15. He'll have a new one by then.


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