Dexter Cox is Done

I really didn't want to say anything about the death of Lt.Vidulich because it was such a sore spot in this city. Whenever a person loses their life, it's a saddening realization that people just don't respect each other at all. What's worse to me is the fact that for some odd reason, nobody ever wants to talk. Nobody seems to know anything. I've always wondered how an area of this city that's heavily populated has absolutely no witnesses. However, this is not a "Stop the Stop Snitching" rant.

This rant basically is to say that Dexter Cox is done. Of all the murders in this city, he had to murder Lt. Ed Vidulich. From the moment it was broadcast in Memphis that an officer had been killed, there was literally "Smoke on the Water". I watched the news clips of the crime scene and also of Director Godwin's emotional interviews about his friend. That was the moment that I realized that the killer was indeed over and out. I wish there was a more tactful way to say it, but let's be honest...that killer's life was over.

Every morning when I watched the news tickers, there was discussion of Lt. Vidulich's case. One day, the reward had been increased. The next day, there was discussion of a buglary. There were clips of Lt. Vidulich discussing the Late Memphis Manatee. I understood that was the job of the media, to inform and remind us that a man had his life taken away under such suspicious circumstances. This man had served our city, watched our waters, and even lived in a community that many people would have long left. In other words, this was indeed a pillar of our community.

With that being said, I'm going to have to raise a little sand in this issue. Prior to Lt. Vidulich's death, Memphis lost quite a few pillars of the community. Many people who decided to stay in the "less desirable sections" of Memphis were taken away from us. Those people may not have served our city, but they are nonetheless gone. In the midst of my research, I discovered that the police had been pulling people over in the neighborhood Lt. Vidulich called home, checking out their cars and such. I had to wonder when was the last time that was done. Have the police randomly checked people before his death? If so, how many crooks and killers have been apprehended and brought to justice due to that action?

It took the MPD to lose one of their own to get the ball rolling. It's sad, but true. With that being said, I would have to say that Dexter Cox will likely never see the light of day again. Upon hearing of his arrest, I heard the reporter state that he is likely to be implicated in the murders of two other Memphians. I think I was supposed to get happy, but I shook my head. If Dexter Cox had not have killed Lt. Ed Vidulich, would they have ever caught and implicated him in the deaths of Herbert Wooten and Gwendolyn Cherry? I doubt it. While I am glad a killer is off the streets, it proves a longstanding point about our community--nobody cares until it hits home.

Thaddeus Matthews said that the charges against Dexter Cox should be reduced because it was "self defense". Um, maybe that would fly a little if there wasn't a possibility that this young fool killed two other people (not to mention the fact that Lt. Vidulich was shot TWICE!) I will say that Dexter's attorney should move for a change of venue. Dexter will never get a fair trial in the City of Memphis. However, regardless of whether there is a change of venue, Cox had Lt. Vidulich's gun...which doesn't sound very self-defense-ish to me. Thaddeus can hang it up, Dexter Cox will likely get the Death Penalty for what he did.

Meanwhile, the killers of the good old civilians of this city will likely continue to enjoy their lives and freedom...until they kill a cop.


Well let me be the first to post, Dexter Cox in his confession that seems to have the MPD so upset he states That Ed Vidulich came at him with a knife and that he shot him twice.

Vidulich was nearly 7 feet tall and over 350 lbs, so if what Cox says is true I understand the two shots must if the issue is a matter of self defense the law allows you to use whatever fore is needed to stop the assault.

Is dexter Cox a criminal? yes but if the case is a case of self defense it's better to spend 10-15 for auto theft and destrustion of property then going to death row.......Welcome to the blogging world

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