T.E.N. Entertainment Report for 2/19/08


I'm not going to pull up my chair to the window like half of my co-workers to watch the owl fight with the blackbirds. Frankly, I'm waiting on the loud THUD from another bird flying head first into the window. Now THAT shit's funny.

ANYHOO, I'm going to share some tidbits o' news and such. It's been a pretty slow week in entertainment, so I'll share what I got.

*New "Dancing with the Stars" lineup* Cristian de la Fuente (?), Mario (come on and braid my hair, man), Penn Jillette (magician), Steve Guttenberg (best known for "Police Academy" and something else), Kristi Yamaguchi (the Olympic skatin' broad), Monica Seles (Tennis player), Jason Taylor (NFL), Shannon Elizabeth ("American Pie"), Adam Carolla (somewhat funny guy from "Loveline"), Marissa Jaret Winokur (um, you may need to Wikipedia that chick), Marlee Matlin (she's hearing impaired and won an Oscar for playing someone hearing impaired), and Priscilla Presley (a damn Scientologist). This should be interesting.

Priscilla & Shannon.

*Pink & Carey Hart are Divorcing* Yeah, after two years of marriage. I was hoping they'd be together a very long time. They just looked like they meshed well. Besides, Pink proposed with a sign at one of his races! THAT was gully. Either way, word is that they are seriously okay with this whole thing...like they're still mad tight. I hope so. I liked them.


*Britney did that thing again* Como se dice "crotch shot" in Espanol?

Airing out the rug, maybe?

*Spencer Pratt said something again* Um, I think this time, he was telling people that Madonna has some serious competition. FROM WHO? I know good and hell well he ain't talking about that tone deaf thing on his arm that looks like a blonde boil?

Nope, still not dead.

*Once again, Kidd gets traded to Dallas* Today's episode of "Trading Places" puts Kidd back in Dallas. Here's the new deal: Dallas gets Jason Kidd, Malik Allen and Antoine Wright for point guard Devin Harris, DeSagana Diop and Maurice Ager, plus Keith Van Horn and Trenton Hassell. New Jersey also gets two first-round draft picks and three meelion Rubles.

Not flattering.

*R. Kelly gon' get shot* Now, brother man is being grilled for an "inappropriate relationship" with a 21 year old chick named Maxine Daniels. Here's the story from Maxine's side. It's like a real quote or something because I totally can't take credit for that:

"I take full responsibility for my actions. My stepmother and father didn't know about my relationship with the singer [Kells] because I knew and he knew that they wouldn't approve ... so I tried to keep it a secret, but when my stepmother found out about our relationship, she resigned because she felt that Rob had 'crossed the line' by dating a girl that he has known since she was 7 years old. My stepmom was not fired for incompetence. She was Rob's publicist for 14 years and always considered Rob not just a client ... but family."

In other words, Maxine's parents got pissed because he's known her since she was a kid and he's 41. I guess it hit too close to home for them not to say anything.

H'Lawd a Mercy...mo' mess.

and last but not least...

*Look at this fool* I had to write a seperate note for this 20 year old fool who shot up the house of her 15 year old boyfriend's baby's mama. The baby's mama is 23...



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