Tam Waxes Poetic

a nice Valentine's Day poem


I am not poetic
Nor do I proclaim to be
I guess I should have more words to say
But I don't, unfortunately

I look into your eyes
Looking for beauty and light
Instead all I see is one eye looking straight
And the other looking to the right

I look deeply at your smile
Desiring warmth and hope
However I see you left your partial at home
And all I see is the back of your throat

I reach out for a passionate embrace
Craving a tingle or rush
Unfortunately, I find your Axe body spray
Is covering up barnyard must

I reach out to hold your hands
In hopes of feeling secure and safe
Now I'm at Dr. Champion's getting ointment
From when you put those rough sumbitches on my face

Baby, I know I ain't poetic
I have not one line of prose to utter
However, I think I am a little gifted
But you are just one ugly motherfucker

-T. Wicks 2/4/2008


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