It's Official!!!

Well, round one will soon be completed!!!

I have officially filed for graduation from University of Phoenix! Unless they blow the stadium up on Super Bowl Sunday, it's going to be on July 18th, 2008 in the University of Phoenix Stadium. I know some of my people's have Bachelors and Masters (and one with a higher damn degree than that, but that's cool), but getting my Associates means a lot. It's the motivation I need to keep the hell going. A lot of times, I wanted to say "to hell with it" since I already have a good yob. But I want more than a yob, so I'll need more than my charm and good looks to get it! I have already received a scholarship for me to continue on toward my Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Security and Management.

So, let's just say, your girl completed round one.

One down, two to go.

Let me know if you feel like making that journey. I'm posting the event really early because it's kind of in Glendale, Arizona. I already know that many won't be able to hop a flight to go to Phoenix, but there will be a hellified roundup in June...Lawd Willing.

Soon, I'll be rocking this!


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