Le De-Fat Blog Entry for 7/25/12, aka - I was walkin...

As of today, I have lost 30 pounds.

I am happy, and I can say that it's a legit happy...not that XXXQuil swilling happiness. I am actually very happy.  I know some time ago, I expressed frustration at the slow process of weight loss.  I can't ignore all the stories and whatnot about whosenever lost whatsenever in howsenever many weeks.  Hell, if I told yall I didn't think about it I'd be lying.

For the moment, I am enjoying this moment knowing that I am ten pounds away from Goal #2's completion. I wonder if I can actually do this without needing any pills or shots to help me along the way.  My good trainer told me the door was open whenever I wanted a place to come workout and get some more workouts.  I will be going back once regularity returns to the joint.  I hate that I may not be able to do 3 days with him anymore...but this is that moment in which I have to use what he taught me to cover me between sessions.  Thank God for him. I would've still be Hamster Wheel Thuggin in the make like work gym.

Dr. Jordan expressed satisfaction with my progress...reminding me that "slow and steady wins the race" and added that "my weight loss progress speed means I'll be able to keep racing instead of being back in the same spot next year".  Then again...six pounds a month WILL be like a lot when I start seeing it.

Preparation...Not Preparation H, doe...

The juicer is gon' get got Friday.  I am wondering if I'm going to juice for breakfast each morning or if I'm going to make a fie concoction for lunch since I don't eat.  I'm really giddy at being able to get the sheet I want for this thing.  I'm feeling the Nutri-Bullet that my peeps got..but I already has a blender junt.  I may be juicing for the freshness and blending it into a smoothie.  Damn that's a lot of dishes...which means juicing my breakfast will require me getting up earlier.  

I guess it's a fair trade to get this sexiness.



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