De-Fat Journey Thoughts for 7/9/12

I need my ass WHOOPED for the last five days!!!

I know I didn't do right. I feel kind of bad because I wasn't intending on being as sedentary on the holiday week.  I threw down the last three days on the fie barbecue, had some brownies, drank a gang of tea...UGH!

Honestly, I'm alternating between emotions right now.  Do I get on my own ass for not doing right or do I applaud myself for progress thus far?  Do I acknowledge that 20 pounds of weight lost is great or do I get mad that it's not more?

Well..I will not allow myself to go back to a slump about this.  I know I want to do more, and I know that I'm gathering more info to do better.  So I will give myself a shout out for still having the desire to work out and live better.

Since I have never been on this type of journey before, it's still processing for me.  I have to fight the mental short, I have to be mindful that progress is progress...even if it isn't what I want it to be.

Goal #2 is in process...which is to lose another 20 pounds.  I didn't want to pick a set number of pounds to lose because I know I have a janky ass body.  Only I could drop 20 pounds and still be the same size in clothes.  I'm still not seeing anything, but the scales say I'm dropping. 

Well, tomorrow is another day.  It's another chance to work on cementing Goal #2.  I have to be my cheerleader too.  Besides, I got to be able to Death Drop soon...


sk8queen said…
This process always includes before and after photos....
EarthWindFire82 said…
Oh...might need those...

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