I Really Should Use This More Often...

I am really getting behind on posting about randomness in my life and brain. But hell, life, kids and grad school means that someone or something has to sit off in the cut for a while.  This, I guess, was left off in the cut.

I sowwy pwetty bwog...

WELP!  In the last two months since the post I made, I turned thirty and found out that Goal #1 had been reached in De-Fatting.  Here's a picture from the Dirty 30:

And another one:

Aight...unnecessarily necessary vanity is over...

HA! You believed me!

Okay...okay...for real. I'm like 30 years old now.

I also decided to blog about my journey to the center of De-Fattery.  I'm likely going to start another blog so I can have room to post all my little interesting assery.  Then again, I got this cute ass blog...so I may tag them differently so people can actually get to the posts about De-Fattery.

Hell. I don't know.

Let me sip some tea and see how I feel.



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