T.E.N. Entertainment News for 7/15/09

I ain't got much...so don't expect nothing rambunctious.

FIRST of all, here is the link to Big Sue's page where she has the infamous, 1984 video of Michael Jackson's Pepsi commercial...the one where his hair gets burned.


I seent it. It didn't look like the clip did on "The Jacksons: An American Dream" at all...

Moving on...

*Natalie Portman will be in the upcoming Thor movie playing a broad named Jane Foster. So far they have cast some dude named Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I don't know who in the hell they are, but that may not be a bad thing. I just wonder why they can't get Gerard Butler to play Thor...or anyone in that damn movie for that matter. He could be anybody in Asgard and still get my attentions...

Alas, I digress.

*This is Wocka Flocka Flame. Remember this face. This is the official murderer of hip hop.

*This is a pic of Jurnee Smollet and Hydeia Broadbent. If you aren't sure who Hydeia is, she was on TV years ago because she was diagnosed with AIDS and told that she wasn't going to live past age three. Then she was allowed to "marry" a friend when she was a child because AIDS was seen as a death sentence. Well, she just celebrated her 25th birthday and as you can see, she is looking wonderful.

*In "The Baby Daddy Moves On While the Mama Does the Hard Work" news, word on the skreet says that Jon Gosselin has proposed to his 22 year old girlfriend. The jury is still out on it, but he was in France with the chick and such. This is quite funny because it cemented my belief that he wasn't tired of being married...just tired of being married to Kate. Alas, I digress.

*Speaking of concerns and such, Kelis said she's broke as hell and got to get ready for the baby. Sooo, here's her list of bills:

$14,861/mo on the mortgage
$3,500/mo for a nanny
$15,000/mo for entertainment

In short, she says that she has about $80,831 in bills per month and only makes $21,616 a month! In short, she says that Nas owes her back just like last month's rent. I wish I did make that much per month. I mean shit, she can function off of that per month! All she needs is that one Auntie that ain't working to watch that baby! All she got to do is keep "Young and the Restless" on tap...

See? Solutions!

*Also in "Effed Up Situation" news, Richard Jefferson of the San Antonio Spurs left his lady hanging in the 11th hour and cancelled their hitching! Like, dude didn't call fokes until two hours before the sumbitch started. His fiance was a New Jersey Nets dancer named Kesha Nichols, and word is that the chica called her fokes the day before. Richard waited until the last minute...but left his boys his AmEx Black Card to have some fun...



*Once again, Jessica Simpson is single. Tony Romo dumped her the day before her 29th birthday party. She cancelled the party and is allegedly all sad and such. Ain't no way in hell I'd cancel my party over some slaw ass dude! I was single as hell at my birthday party last month and had a damn good hangover, I mean time and got pics to prove it. R U A TURTLE?!?!?

Oh, and Nick Lachey is single again too...hmm...

*This chain cost $400,000. That is all.

*Brother Usher is trying to cheat Tameka out her loot. Word is that his divorce papers say they split sooner than they really did...which would keep her from getting major coins. They kept making appearances after the fact, so this should be interesting. All I know is that I had seent a Tweet from Tameka to Star Jones asking about a lawyer in Atlanta...

Well, that is all I got right now. Ain't sheeit else of importance to me. Here are some snippets though:

*Billy Joel divorced his wife of 5 years. She's 27, he's 60.

*Lauryn Hill cancelled her European tour dates. (DAMMIT)

*TR Knight ain't coming back to Grey's Anatomy.

*Adam Lambert is gay. *gasps*

*Janet Hubert-Whitten is mad at Will Smith and blames him for her firing on "Fresh Prince" and claims that nobody with more talent than Will has made it...except for Don Cheadle.

*Jay-Z is going to write a book called "Decoded" which breaks down his songs' lyrics.

Aight fokes, I'm done. Keep the party rolling!

I'm OUT!!!


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