Tam's Rules for Living

I've been putting these bad boys in statuses all day, so I thought that maybe I'd share a few more in a note. (Thanks Maria!) Feel free to add a few!

#817-Seeing a hairstyle in a book and getting an idea is fine...but be mindful that a Rihanna haircut on an Esther Rolle head ain't right.

#71-If you can sing, then sing on. But do not say you're going to be "The Next Prince (Michael Jackson, Al Green, etc.)"

#911-If the guy you're talking to is trying to convince you that his "baby's mama" is a bitch, ho, triflin, etc., don't always believe the hype...

#318-Not going to college is fine. At least get your High School Diploma/GED. Bragging that high school "wasn't your thing" is not sexy.

#100-Tattoos of your current gf/bf name isn't a good idea.

#101-Tattoos of your current nickname ain't a good idea either.

#877-Don't put "Worked at Pure Passion from 1997-2001" on your resume...unless you're auditioning for Vivid Video.

#617-Condoms do dull the sensation. Better to dull that sensation than to feel a burning sensation.

#210-More than one apostrophe in a first name is not sexy.

#211-Neither is not knowing what an apostrophe is.

#1012-If you get rims over 22 inches, remember, you will have to make a sharp turn eventually.

#20-Gum is a delicacy best chewed with your mouth closed.

#297-Just because it comes in your size, doesn't mean you should wear it.

#338-Playing sports all through high school and college is cool. Not being able to say anything without saying "uh ruh" is not cool.

#400-Don't call your woman your "wife" unless you are planning to marry or have married her.

#401-Ladies, don't let your man call you his wife unless he has planned or has married you.

#667-Spending more hours in the club than on the clock is not a good look.

#668-The same applies to spending time on the block.

#203-Weave is fine. Just make sure it matches.

#888-Altoids, Gum, Peppermints and Listerine Strips are valuable to maintain relationships of all kinds.

#1099-Jealousy ain't a good look. Why covet when you can go get it in due time?

#767-Keep a paper trail when you conduct business. You never know when you may need to cut a shine.

#800-Do not ever purchase a Wocka Flocka Flame CD.

#410-Mindless watching of BET is not allowed...unless you are YouTubing something with Sherri Carter and Donnie Simpson.

#123-Being able to dribble doesn't mean you can hoop.

#2-Never get high off your own supply.


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