Ignorance Ain't Bliss

Rick James said we need Unity...

He also took said Unity ring and went upside Charlie Murphy's head.

With that being said, that is the problem I have been facing the last few months. It is expected for me to behave as a lady (or tomboy with good sense...go figure) in the face of a negative situation.

I'm supposed to look foolishness in the eye and throw it a peace sign.

Yeah, well it ain't that simple.

I am supposed to be the upstanding citizen and allow ignorant people to fester off in a corner somewhere. I'm supposed to move right along without hesitation and say "let that ass be an ass", but after a certain amount of time, that grows tiresome! I just want to cut a shine!

Lately, I have been faced with countless situations where ignorance has reared it's ugly ass head. Each time, I am encouraged to turn my head. Currently, I'm without air conditioning. At the time of this rant, it has been four days since I made the service request and I have followed up each day. At this point, I want to walk in said office, kick over the "Christmas in July" tree and demand my AC repair. However, it isn't the best thing to do. Once this has been resolved, I will be notifying the home office that it takes entirely too much time to get things done and I would like to be credited in some way for not being able to stay in my own home for several days.

Now, in that case, I'm sure it's okay for me to respond to the problem. However, what about when a damn fool continues to act a fool and try to cast negativity in my relationship? Granted, I have what she wants and then some. I am the victor in this situation. She's steadily Facebook bitching and such about being happy, yet her behavior indicates otherwise.

Many have said that I should turn the other cheek and let her rot. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't second guess those suggestions. Oh but there is a part of the great Aquemini that is growing weary with this mess. I wish someone would tell her to grow the hell up and give the hell up. Since nobody wants to do it, I would like to be the one who does. It's so hard not to do it...

There's a part of me that is tired of ignorance having top billing in situations and positivity take a backseat. Like a Facebook friend said before, "the news is filled with murders and crimes, yet nobody discusses what's positive". I don't know if I want to be the one to slap Nutbush back into the right mindset or what.

Well, whatever the case is, I'm happy with what I have going on in my life. I just need to learn how to let that be the main focus.

Ahhh, now I feel better...but pray she doesn't hit him up again.


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