T.E.N. Entertainment News, aka-Mixed Bag O’ Stuff

I got some of everything to talk aboot. So, I'll just gwon get started:

*The Jacksons Today* This is what I picked up from a rather reliable site:

*Marlon Jackson, 51, an original Jackson Five member who stocks shelves at a Vons supermarket in San Diego, had to temporarily move into an extended-stay hotel.

*Randy, 46, does odd jobs, including fixing cars in a Los Angeles garage owned by a family friend. He recently claimed Michael was going to give him $1.7 million - "a pipe dream," said another brother last week.

*Jackie, 56, the oldest and most debonair of the brothers, is struggling to manage his son Siggy's aspiring rap career after an Internet clothing business startup and attempts to produce music failed.

*Jermaine, 54, shuttles back and forth from his girlfriend's home in Ventura County, Calif., to his parents' mansion in Encino, where Jackie and Randy still live.

*Tito, 55, is the only brother still making music, but it's a meager living. The guitarist fronts a blues and jazz band that plays small venues and nets him $500 and $1,500 per occasional gig - a far cry from the days when the Jacksons could pull in 50,000 people at $30 a ticket.

*Joseph Jackson, 79, spends most of his waking hours conjuring up schemes he hopes will replenish a bank account that once had more money than the FDIC cared to insure. Peddling musical girl groups in Las Vegas and a book about his family in Germany, Joseph, despite evidence to the contrary, is not convinced that time and the music industry have passed him by.

I know I left out the Jackson women and Michael, but I think they're doing okay.

*Ford CEO offers a pay cut* Dude said that if he gets a bailout from the government, he would take a $1 salary until things get back right. Big whoop. Notice he didn't say he'd sell some of his stocks back, forgo some perks, or lower his retirement funds. I hate heem.

*Debarge Family Update* (This came from Jet Magazine if you haven't read it).

*James has four kids now. Nobody has said that one isn't from Janet

*Bobby (Switch) died of AIDS in 1995. ,

*Tommy is on kidney dialysis and has to support nine children.

*Randy has five children and has an "incurable disease" (not AIDS)

*Bunny survived the loss of one of her breasts and breast cancer and drug addiction.

*Mark, who also has five kids, has chronic debilitation in his legs and walks with a cane or crutches.

*El, is struggling to support 15 children from three different marriages.

*Chico, has five kids and is currently working on a new CD.

*Lindsay is still gay* Well, her exact words were that she and Sam haven't broken up. Therefore, she's still gay. See how I cut to the chase, but you got lost!

*MIA needed this baby* Apparently, MIA, aka-Mathangi Arulpragasam, said that being pregnant has made her "less angry". I don't know how to take that comment, so I'll just get up and walk towards the left for a minute.

*More About them Bitches* Heidi and Spencer are still parading how married and happy they are...except for the fact that the marriage wasn't legal. Yeap, they are "married in spirit" but MTV will chronicle the whole thing. For this to have been an "ELOPEMENT", it sure seems as if they had a camera crew on hand...

*Advertisement* This is Hai Karate. Who wants a gift pack?!?

*Flashback* This is Countess Vaughn. There is some dispute as to how old this pic is, but then again, it is still a tad different than the Countess we know. Her shoes too big though.

*And...* William Balfour has officially been arrested in the murder of Jennifer Hudson's mom, brother and nephew. I hope his ass rots.

Well, that's all I got for now. I'm still looking for a joint to rent, so shoot me some ideas so I won't blow up my current complex.



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