T.E.N. Entertainment News, aka-"Black Dynamite"

Well, I would like to put the readers up on "Black Dynamite", a movie starring Michael Jai White due for release in 2009. It's a spoof of Blaxploitation films, and you KNOW how I digs my Blaxploitation!!!

Here's the cast:

Michael Jai White - Black Dynamite
Arsenio Hall - Tasty Freeze
Tommy Davidson - Cream Corn
Obba Babatunde - Osiris
Kevin Chapman - O'Leary
Richard Edson - Dino
Darrel Heath - Militant 2
Buddy Lewis - Gunsmoke
Brian McKnight - Sweetheat
Byron Minns - Bullhorn
James McManus - Richard Nixon
Phil Morris - Saheed
Miguel A. Núñez Jr. - Mo Bitches
Salli Richardson - Gloria
Tucker Smallwood - Congressman James
John Salley - Kotex
Chris Spencer - Militant 1
Mike Starr - Rafelli
Nicole Sullivan - Patricia Nixon
Kym Whitley - Honeybee
Mykelti Williamson - Chicago Wind
Bokeem Woodbine - Black Hand Jack
Cedric Yarbrough - Chocolate Giddy-Up
Roger Yuan - Fiendish Dr. Wu

I find this to be HILARIOUS because me, Christian and Yolanda were talking about Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. the other day! Why he got to be playing a cat named "Mo Bitches"! LOL! But no, Brian McKnight is playing a cat named Sweetheat!!! Yall, please go see this when it comes out! I think I'm going to frakking faint!

Well, it's going to be debuting at Sundance in January and HOPEFULLY it'll be picked up for wide release.

Or Tamara will just have to get it on DVD...

Go see said trailer! http://www.blackdynamite.com/trailer


p.s.-Me and my friends have taken our nicknames from this. I am Osiris, Clint is Mo Bitches, Cranford is Chocolate Giddy-Up, Yolanda is Sweetheat, Erika is Honeybee & Cecil is Tasty Freeze! Who next?


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