The Official T.E.N. Economy Rant

Nobody has to tell you that the economy is at a level some of us have never seen. Our money is not stretching like it used to, and just when we think we get a break in one area, we get blindsided in another. I know that we never expected for gas to return to the two dollar range ever again, so needless to say, seeing gas as low as $1.35 a gallon is truly a blessing. However, with milk being nearly $4 a gallon…who really won?

Many of us have found that the jobs we love and value are not cutting it anymore. I know that I have long pledged my allegiance to the Fred until my retirement, but seeing how the best paying jobs are too far out of my reach, I have began to reach outside for potential employers who pay a little more. I could probably find another well-paying job elsewhere, and in due time I will. In the meantime, I join the list of millions who are really being affected by this economy.

Who is really being affected by this economy? I mean, not in a scientific, Rasmussen poll type of way…

I'll give you a minute. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Well, I know I am. I am a single mother of one toddler girl. Child support is a blessing, but that ends up going to daycare. I am a full-time college student, so in a matter of two years, I will have to start repaying my student loans. I'm renting a place to live for us two—with dreams of homeownership. The housing market is terrible for sellers but LOVELY for buyers…if you can get financed. I guess I'll be renting for a few more months. Wait, the landlords and apartment complexes are raising the rent?!? How could they do this? Supply and demand, you know. People are losing homes and don't have relatives to live with, so they have to go somewhere.

I call bullshit. I can't call it too loud because my neighbor is trying to sleep.

Who else is being beat down by the economy? Well, it appears that it takes two incomes to make it so if you—a) have one income, b) make under $40,000, c) don't have a roommate or d) strip on Fridays & Saturdays, you might be a victim of the economy.

Raise your hand if this is you. It's a lot of fokes in here, so I'll take a sip o' tea…which has gone up from $2.25 a gallon up to $3.00 a gallon, by the way.

So needless to say, I get so pissed off when I hear about the "Big Three" auto companies ask for more help from the government. I think about how they will get helped out, and then go back to the days of overcharging us for cars and having their banks to turn us down for the better rates and fees. We just paid for all of these banks to get on their feet just in time for us to get hit $35 because we decided that feeding our kids was worth the overdraft fee. We have kept the banks open long enough for us to write a check for $230 in order to get $200 for 14 days. We have kept these bastards floating longer so they can tell our parents and friends that they are sorry that they can't help them refinance their homes to save themselves from foreclosure.

Can I get some cosigns around here?

No seriously. I want to get rid of the Cobalt.

I read online this week that divorced couples are still living with each other as roommates because they can't afford to sell their homes and start over. People can't even go on with their lives because times are so hard. I would love to make a career out of all this hell raising and signifying, but let's just be real here…if Oprah doesn't read this and put me on her show to become famous as hell, Perez Hilton I will NOT be!

I can't believe that we are in such a bad time. Well, yes I can. Keep in mind that we JUST got an admission from the President that we've been in a recession for a year now. So, why in the hell are the Powers that Be trying to give money to everyone but the people? Granted, we got some Stimulus checks, but what good was it? It was a temporary boost, and I stretched mine pretty damn far. Umm, but do you recall the little fine print that said you didn't get one if you owed the IRS? In other words, you didn't get cash in hand if you owed the government. Am I the only one who thinks that was garbage? You couldn't get help if you owed the government.

Tamara is calling bullshit again. She has it on speed dial.

I could go on with my conspiracy theories about the government for at least ten more minutes, but this is about the recession.

In the end, we are all catching hell right now. I hear so many quotes and comments about the state of the economy that it just bothers me. Diddy even said he was going to dress down because the economy is in shambles. Other rappers have decided to forgo the chains because we catching hell. Shit, even Oprah's Favorite Things have dropped down hundreds of dollars each. It's rough out here, and nobody is really talking about where the help is going to come from. Many of us have looked for second jobs, just to be shot down. Hell, I applied to moonlight at Circuit Shitty and you see where THAT went.

What do you do? I'm the optimist in the group and I'm at a loss. All I can do is tell people to pray for a better day. I think that's all we can do at this point. It'll get greater later. In the meantime, I'm going to be making do with what I have.

Sheeyit, I'm going to be putting a LOT of old shiggity on Craigslist this week.

I'm also going to be seeing if someone is looking for a Pudgy Nike Shox model.


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