Why Chief Paudert! WHY!!!

A long time ago, I was battling some hecklers in school. Word had spread about a disability I have and several of the students thought it would be nice to "make" me tell them what was wrong. I was so angry and upset that I went to talk with a counselor. She told me that if I was okay with them knowing what was wrong and how I felt, then tell them. However, if I wanted it to remain private, then simply say "I will not dignify that with an answer". A few days later, they were at it again, naming all of the interesting little things they could think of to ruffle my feathers. "Are you retarded? Do you have a hernia? I heard you have a fake leg!" (Yes, someone said that. Man, kids are rough) I simply said "I will not dignify that with an answer".

Oddly, that worked.

The moral of that story was simple...people are going to try to get a rise out of you. You could either fall into the trap, or simply let them assume or think what they want. Chief Paudert allowed himself to be ruffled, and I think it may have made matters worse.

I don't find the need to rehash the story of DeAunte's death. We have heard about it in one shape or form for months now. I will say that the fallout from his death has divided the Mid-South. I have heard people say that he was killed by a nervous white man in a black neighborhood. I have also heard people say that racism is the reason why DeAunte Farrow is dead and Officer Sammis is a free man. I am certain that people have their ideas as to what and why. All I care about now is the well being of his mother.

However, I do find it necessary to wonder why in the blue hell Chief Paudert would allow himself to stoop to such a rant! I don't deny that the Chief has a right to say whatever he wants because the First Amendment allows such things for us all. I just think that with the community being up in arms right now, such an incendiary emotion should have been restrained. He has already made a comment that included the phrase "The Blacks" as if he is referring to a family name. Then, he goes right off the deep end and talked about the character of some of the people upset in the wake of DeAunte's death.

I can't say whether Chief Paudert is a racist or not; that is between him and God. I can say that even though he apologized (but stuck to his guns about his emotions), the damage is done. As one of the leaders in the city, he should have set an example. He should have said "I am upset, but will not entertain the accusations" or "I will not dignify that with an answer". I am sure someone would have still found fault in Chief Paudert's decision if he chose to abstain from commenting, but I would rather he keep to himself than to incite more anger from a hostile community.

Chief Paudert is mad, and he should be. I mean, people are trying to get him out of his job! I just don't think that it was beneficial for him to say a word. It's as if everything he says will be held against him. It very well may be. That's why the Chief should have exercised caution.

Now, as Bernie Mac would say "it's gonna be smoke in the city".


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