Who's to Blame?

As we have all heard, Britney Spears' 16 year old sister Jamie-Lynn is pregnant by her 19 year old boyfriend. I was actually very shocked since I was actually thinking that Britney was the irregular and erratic one in the family. I have since realized that there is obviously a common thread with Jamie-Lynn & Britney...their parents.

Before the pregnancy announcement yesterday, everyone blamed Britney for her own issues. I was one of them since Britney is 26 years old with two sons. Anything she does, from shaving her head to losing custody of her sons, is her fault. However, reports have surfaced over the last few months that Britney lost her virginity at 14 and was given an unusually large amount of freedom for a child. In the case of many young celebrities, they are given adult freedom and responsibilities instead of the ability to be a child. Since more reports have come up saying that Jamie-Lynn's boyfriend of three years (making him 16 when dating her at 13) was allowed to live with her, I'm led to believe that Britney & Jamie-Lynn were allowed to run wild instead of actually being raised.

Now, just because Jamie-Lynn is pregnant at 16, it doesn't mean that she won't be a good parent. Honestly, she may prove to be the good, stable mother that her big sister obviously isn't. Of course, if she wasn't a Nickelodeon TV star, then she would likely be up the creek since the average 16 year old doesn't have a diploma, and therefore cannot get a good enough job to provide for her child. Having money doesn't mean that parenting during your junior year of high school will be simple, it just means that you are able to afford a nanny to watch your child when you want to do whatever.

In light of this news, Lynn Spears has "indefinitely postponed" releasing her book about raising her high-profile kids. The source (People.com) quickly stated that it isn't cancelled, but I can't see any need to release a book about raising children when it is apparent that you only raised them to be celebrities and not responsible. The book may go on to sell millions because curious minds want to know what not to do. Then again, she may also want to include a chapter about dealing with having a daughter pregnant at an early age.

I'm not passing judgement on the Spears family. I just find it interesting how it appears that the parents allowed their children to do anything. Had Britney been the only Spears daughter running roughshod, I would've just said "one monkey don't stop no show". But Jamie-Lynn gets pregnant by an allegedly live-in boyfriend! Who do you think allowed that? I don't know about your family, but at 16, I was just starting to go out with female friends. At 13, the age Jamie-Lynn started dating the father, I wasn't even allowed to have boys call my house!!! I wasn't raised in a strict household, but I was indeed raised. It just appears that Britney & Jamie-Lynn weren't.


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