Random Entertainment News and Such

Hello, it's me.

It's me baby.

My bad, I was singing some Isley Brothers and I got distracted. Anyhoo, I am here to share my two cents on the pop culture news and all the other interesting bits o' information I read from somewhere else. Then again, there are probably some things I haven't read but just thought aboot.

*Barron Hilton pledges 97% of his fortune to charity: A lot of the sites said that Paris should start tightening up a little. I have read that her inheritance may drop from $100 million down to about $1.5 million. I have also read reports that she has already gotten a cut of the Rubles because he admired how she got her hustle on. Wow, there's nothing more rewarding than being a loopy, lanky, superficial, slut-whore who serves three weeks in jail. I can't knock Paris' hustle though; she managed to screw and party her way into millions. Someone needs to document my get togethers so I can get some gas Rubles.

*Alexander Graham Bell didn't invent the telephone: Brother Bell highjacked the ideas for the telephone from Elisha Gray. This means that the fine art of The Debo has been around well over 100 years.

*Fergie is engaged: Why do I think Fergie called her friends and said "girl, I am G-E-T-T-I-N-G M-A-R-R-I-E-D"!

*Where is Usher Raymond, V: Seriously! Where is the baby? Have I missed the pictures? I wanna see what the child looks like! My soul will not rest until I know if that baby has that infamous "Usher Raymond Nose"!

*"I Am Legend" broke a record: This here movie opened with $76.5 million dollars. Only Will Smith and Denzel Washington have the star power to break box office records while record numbers of clear-showing bootleg DVD copies are circulating around the hood. That means white people like them too.

*Brendan Fraser splits with his wife: I thought he was dead. Damn shame that he's getting divorced since he's still alive.

*Mischa Barton gets arrested for DUI: That skinty chick from "The OC" got arrested under the influence. Maybe she'll serve three hours in jail so they can make an example of her.

*A school in Eureka Springs, AR cuts a student from the basketball team for his hair: Apparently, that long hair thing doesn't sit well with the school. However, his parents have filed a $100,000 lawsuit to get him back on the team and because they felt his civil rights have been violated. Civil rights? CIVIL RIGHTS!!! Somebody get me a Martin Luther King, Jr. church fan...

*Yung Joc gets arrested, then misses the court date: You are Yung Joc; you can't be missing court dates! Then you had a gun in your carry-on bag at the airport! Do you know that you can't even have a cup of water in the airport without security whipping your ass and then you "forget" to take your gun out. Ass.

*Jessica Alba is engaged: Well congratulations to Jessica again. Apparently, while I was typing this here thing, that was some breaking news online.

Lemme go see what else has broke since I started writing this...

*goes to search internet for more breaking news*

Okay, I'm back...

*Raz-B of B2K retracts his molestation claims: There was a YouTube video out a while ago where Raz-B claimed that Chris Stokes has molested him, his brother, and several other young boys. Now, he says that he is sorry and didn't mean any of the things he said. Chris Stokes denied all of that to MTV News and Omarion cosigned that nothing ever happened. Well, Raz-B's brother Ricardo is still saying those molestation stories are true. Mmm-hmm...

*Britney Spears hides the kids' Christmas gifts: Well, our favorite greasy white chick has allegedly hid the Christmas gifts her mother got for her children. I thought it was a lie until I had to remember who it was. That bitch prolly really did that.

and last but not least...

*Floyd Mayweather is planning to enter into Mixed Martial Arts: He gon' get his ass put to sleep. Now, when it comes to punches, I'm certain he will cut a shine on whoever he fights. However, if you are going up against a Brazilian cat that has been doing Muay Thai since he was potty trained, what good is a punch going to do if you have a leg around your throat???


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