Thinking Thoughts and Such

I really need to do better with my blog, yo.

Let me cue my music.

I think this is going to be one of those "clearing my mind of whimsy" blogs.

Non sequitur than a mug.

Don't have high hopes that I will make sense.  This is what happens when I go too long betwixt purging my brain thingy.

1.  We know Lil Kim has inspired some people:  I think when one does answer raps or posts such as "Identity Theft", it makes one seem slick petty.  I know she knows that she has been the source of several female rappers' styles.  Most notably, Ms. Onika has drawn some inspiration from her.  Maybe it's just me, but if I see people out there *in Eddie Kang, Jr voice* "tryna be me", I wouldn't be upset.  I know you emulating me.  YOU know you emulating me.  WE ALL KNOW you emulating me.  I will just sip my tea with a smile and say "awww...look at her trying to get like mama!"

2.  Ebola:  Why you bring that ass to the mainland, son?  Set up a joint on Antarctica and get Jones back together.  That way, none of us are at risk.  I know, I know...I'm being noid and dramatical.  But cuz, I'm allergic to life and half of North Memphis.  I don't need no troubles.

3.  I watched the Fiddy Shades trailer:  I guess I'll go see it because I want to see if it'll be worth the hype.  I may be the only wife there with less than three tax deductions, but hey..I need a laugh.  I'll smuggle in a five piece Louisiana Rub from WingSteezy and enjoy myself.  Chicken makes all movies better.  Except Pluto Nash ass.

4.  Nicole Murphy quit ol' boy:  I honestly didn't read all the details, but I was like "why you got to piss on Sir Strahan's teepee?"  Rumors say she wasn't feeling his prenup and that he was cheating, but of course, we'll never know.  What I do know is that whatever pettiness she may have had didn't rear its head one Wednesday after Big Freedia went off.

Music off.  Lemme re-up.


As I was.

5.  Allegedly, The Carey-Cannon Coalition is disbanding:  Reports say this is due to her "diva behavior".

Because Mariah just became a diva BEFORE Big Freedia's season two finale aired.  I'll believe it when TMZ reports it.

6.  I left the house today:  It was HORRIBLE!

I guess that's it for this day.  I got to do better.  I'm still recovering from going outside longer than two hours.



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