Have You Ever Considered Stifling?

I didn't have a creative way to title this blawg so I just chucked something up thurr.

But yes. I just felt like clearing my mind of whimsy about a topic dwelling in my sanctum. Why do people think their opinions HAVE to be interjected? Why are your thoughts so dastardly important that you can't hold your respective mule?

Because..somewhere along the way, people lost the ability to practice decorum online. Also, I blames the new era of the interwebs. We didn't have these issues in the Geocities/Blackplanet daze.

Speaking fo myself, as I am my best spokesperson, I think before I reply. I has a little list o' things I use to determine if my opinion is necessary. You want to know them. You want to know the list because you like me. Yep.

1. Was my opinion actually asked for? Sometimes, people will ask questions. Like, they'll directly seek a two cent donation because they want or need them. If not, I will operate under the default setting of "they didn't ask me".

2. How important is it that I share my opinion? I recall a post last year in which a former Facebook Fiend (and I meant "Fiend" too) shared a post that was inaccurate regarding the LGBT community. Being a passionate ally, I simply replied with "that isn't true." Now, I could have simply scrolled on, but the post was very effed up and I hate when misinformation is shared as fact. Only after he asked "why isn't it true" did I elaborate. (Again, see #1)

3. How well do I know the person? I have some cats who are messy, petty, incendiary and flatfoot damn annoying on my friends list. I consider this in determining if it's worth my time because they may end up pissing ME off. Now, if'n you're up on my Hierarchy o' Buddies list, I will be more likely to chime in.

4. Do I know what the hell I'm talmbout? Have you ever read or heard someone discussing something and was like "the hell?" I know my ass has. It never fails..some saptapper comes into the convo like they are the leading authority on said topic. Funny how it usually happens when someone is replying to Thaddeus Matthews. Anyhoo, I consider myself a rather smart heffer. Smart enough to know what I know and how to find out what I do NOT know.

5. Have I finished cooking the turkey necks? No. No, I have not.

6. Are my intentions legit? You ever stop and read a comment just to wonder if the author was trying to be..something? Usually on Facebook, you can count on someone trying to be the resident authority on something. You have the Doctor, the Lawyer, the Superdad/mom, the Nutritionist, the Teacher, the Mechanic, the Politician, the Personal Trainer and the Pastor...and none of the aforementioned people are actually who they are. I know this is a tad similar to #4, but there are some people who post to try making others think they are greater than. They aren't trying to serve any other purpose than boosting themselves up.

And last, but not least..

7. Did I really pay attention to the post? You ever see comments under a post that gave explicit directions such as "inbox me"? Those cats clearly didn't see that. Also, people have fallen victim to satire fifty-leven times because they don't consider their sources. Some people are very clear in what they want or need, and if you pay attention, you can govern yoself accordingly.

In short..if people want your opinions, you'll know. Don't assume that just because they posted something that they NEED yo two cents. Yeah yeah, we know we have some people who seek attention..but even in those situations, do you need to take the bait?

For every post I chime in on, there are at least 6 that I won't even say anything on. I exercise my right to scroll past, hide post, unfollow or even unfriend. I am perfectly cool with that. I love a good discussion, true enough. However, I save myself for topics that matter. Ain't got time to deal with all that extra booty chatter.


WELP! Meds are kicking in, fokes. I reckons I'll learn more aboot forensics by way of Investigation Discovery. You know, if each show on that channel was a college class, my ass'd be Dr. Cranford by now. I'd defend my dissertation in the finest of New Balance.

Mmm hmm. Shole would.



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