The Demons We Fight

Not long ago, America found out that one of our favorite comedians and actors allegedly took his own life. Losing Robin Williams today confirmed something I have said for years..we never know the masks that people wear.

When people commit suicide, we begin trying to find out answers. We are hurt..shocked..angry..confused. We juggle with emotion because we "don't understand". We try dissecting their lives. We look to those closest. We begin assuming. We go nuts! "Why would Robin Williams kill himself?"

We don't know.

It's easy to begin judging him because suicide is "taking the easy way out." Have you ever been through a real battle? Have you ever struggled with issues heavier than what to wear Friday night? Do you know what it's like to think death is better than life? No? Yes? Doesn't matter. Don't judge.

People these days are truly hurting. We try so hard to keep our problems hidden, which can only complicate matters. Battling those dark thoughts can kill you. It has, unfortunately, taken many before today.

I guess when we lose people who look far from suicidal, we lose our respective minds. What we have to do is keep people in our thoughts and prayers at all times.

Reach out to someone today. Please.


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