Thoughts from an Upright Position While Waiting on Netflix to Get Right

Since I'm on my Law & Order: SVU...and since my dadgummed streaming service is acting stupid..I will share some thoughts

1.  My upstairs neighbor needs to break up with her dude again.  While she was on edge, her kids didn't run around and stampede all over the top of my damned head.  It's 20:21 on a school night and they won't sit the hell down!

2.  As if I'm not already on edge because of the incessant noise from my upstairs neighbor's bad ass kids, Netflix froze up YET AGAIN.

3.  A picture of President Obama with his foot on his desk has sparked "outrage".  We have kids being murdered, people struggling to feed their families, Church's out of spicy chicken and fokes are mad because he put his damn foot on his damned desk.  Do you not understand how pissed that makes me?  It isn't because I love the POTUS so much, but because I realize that people hate him so much that they really sit around nitpicking him.

4.  Sheryl Underwood made a comment about afro hair that has black people mad.  What's so funny is that their "outrage" about her joke has caused some black people to forget something.  What they forgot was that topping an inappropriate joke by being disrespectful to other groups in the process IS NOT RIGHT.  You don't like her comment, you don't disrespect her womanhood, her choice in how she dresses, what hairstyle she has, etc.  Deal with her offense like an adult...because you don't degrade others because you mad.

5.  I'm sorry, I'm Team Robin Thicke.  Why?  Because people are all "he copied Marvin Gaye"...and they seem to forget that a) he is NOT the first and only male R & B artist who did music in the style of Mr. Gaye.

Take a listen to these, please:

I understand that him being white makes people of color extra salty, plus his "Blurred Lines" video pissed off some people because he wasn't super sweet to the adult women who agreed to be in the video and do as the director asked...but yeah, don't act like he "stole" something.  Almost every artist in the last decade had an inspiration from one of our greats.  Hell, even the beloved Sir Timberlake had a few riffs like Marvin.  Is he exempt because he's from Shelby County?

6.  I finally got a chance to listen to "Thrift Shop" and "Same Love" by Macklemore.  I give him props for those songs actually being good, as well as acknowledging that his success is due to his privilege.  Alas, the Tumblr crew hates him for "speaking for gays" with "Same Love".  I applaud him for using his privilege to actually give props.  Alas, it wouldn't be America if someone wasn't walking around offended.

7.  I am enjoying the comedy of transitioning to natural, but I realized that after the fallout from #4, that being natural borders on cult-ish.  I only know a handful of ladies who were natural back before it was popular..back when there wasn't sections just for their hair.

8.  Part of the reason why I prefer older music is because there weren't THAT many beefs and that much drama.  Aside from Berry Gordy pissing fokes off and fokes jacking royalties, we didn't have so much crap.

9.  I need another tattoo.

10. Racism is supposed to be such a non-issue that affirmative action isn't necessary and whatnot.  But when you read an article about the SCS Superintendent being permanent, why did a fool white woman have to say "they chose a black"?  Racism is so dead that criticism of a person's character or competence HAS to include their race...I got it now.

Aight.  My Netflix is working again.



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