Mama's First Twist Out, aka - On My Stoney Jackson for Real

After looking on the interwebs for months, asking people who knew what the hell they were doing and following a whole lot of Pinterest boards and whatnot, I decided last week to wash my hairs out and take inventory of my natural hairs.

I would say that I'm about 71% natural now, which could easily be 100% if I wasn't all scurred to chop off about 4 inches o' hairs.  By choice, I said that I always needed enough to put in a ponytail until I got the hang of it.  I have given myself six months before I hack the remaining relaxed hair.

Six months.

Then it's bye, bye, bye.

Aight, so last night I decided to unass the bun and try a twist out.  Here's what I did:

*dampened my hair with a spray of water and argon oil.

*put on some Shea Moisture curling gel and combed through like they told me on the side o' the jar.

*pulled the strands tight and did a two strand twist.

*took a blow dryer to it so I wouldn't catch The Monia.

*put a satin scarf on that joint and a bonnet.

I then go stand in the mirror looking all Miss Celie with a hint of 4th grader.  When I looked in the mirror, I had this feeling like something was amiss.

On a side note I did kinda find the twists cool, so I wore them junts out to drop the kids off and go to Fred's this morning.  A little elastic headband makes life super easy.  Also riding with the windows down helps.

After making sure this junt was dry, hanging up more novelty tees, sipping a spot o' lemonade, watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent, looking for my other sock, finding who left the gate open and cleaning the windows on Le Yukon...I untwisted my hair.  I followed all the directions told...making sure not to snag them junts and whatnot.  This is what I got:

The lower picture shows my emotions...and my newly resurrected "Saved by the Bell" shirt. I was too busy staring at my hair to get excited about the shirt, gotdamn me.

So as I sit here on my Stoney Jackson..

I have taken inventory of some things..for future reference and such.  Mainly because I need all the ideas, tips, and prayers for my hayers:

1.  Though my daughter Lex is natural and always has been, I cannot use the stuff she uses.  I know that should be common sense, but I just operated under the assumption that I needed moisture and something to keep my remaining relaxed hair from fainting.

2.  The rollers at the end.  Someone posted on me Instagram about it, but my hair was already drying at the time so I didn't have a chance to get them in.  I'm going to use them until my 6 month Cut Off.

3.  I don't know who in the hell left the gate open.

4.  I started twisting from the base and pulled it tight the whole way.  The hair that I know is untouched by chemical didn't even have that lift that I thought it would.  Methinks the stuff of Lex's was too heavy.

Oh well.  Twist Out #1 of many more to come.  You can't win them all.  Apparently, you can't even come in second sometimes.  Can I at LEAST get on the podium SOMEWHERES???

Tips. Hints. Help. ALL of it is needed and welcomed!


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