Dang Pinterest for filling my head with pretty pictures of the natural womens..with their twist outs and their cute afros!  Got me all thinking my soul is anchored then I get THIS:

Now I posed this question to the children on Instagrams:

And they were all like "naw, it's a process" and stuff.  They gave me nice tips and helpful hints and I saved them all in my phone so I wouldn't get flustered and slap a relaxer in this.  Because it ain't but a small gesture before it's:

Thus far, I've figured out that I shouldn't use a regular towel, so me needs a Microfiber.  They suggested different transitional styles and moisturizing items.  But I did find something to lay my burdens down, I mean my edges.

For the interim, the unruly hairs shall remain in le poof.  It's the main reason why I didn't go all hamtastic and do a Big Chop..or a Smedium Chop.  I can deal with this SOMEWHAT better as long as I have a ponytail to fall back on.

Once I get this down, I'm going to try another twist out.  Pray for me and my tendrils of unruly bitch hair.

Sweet Lord.  I know this is the best thing for my hair, but what about my LIFE?!

In due time, I'm going to make this new hair o' mine super sexy.  This curly, wavy, attitude-having ass hair WILL be sexy..or at least not attacking me in my sleep.  And I will not give in to the desire to go slather some of Bronner Brothers' finest on it.

Whosenever thought being natural meant "less work"...was horrendously misled.  Because I think I have an arm muscle now.

*COGIC Face*


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