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I like Kim Kardashian.

Why does it feel like I should be in a meeting for this?  LMAO!

While I have only watched "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" a handful of times, I actually have taken a liking to her over the years.  If anything, I think this blog may be what gets a slushie thrown at me.  That's fine, just don't get it on Le Yukon.  Allow me to share why I like her:

*She managed to make a killing off of her brand.  That sheet takes TALENT!  The web often asks "what is she famous for?  A sex tape?!"  Hell, did you know who she was before her and Ray J had a documented rolling in le hay?  Nope.  Somehow, someway, she used her existence to make a grip.  That's very admirable.  In essence, isn't that what we do when we go on an interview?  Selling yourself to make grip?  Sounds like the same thing.

*She didn't follow the rules.  Typical gender roles frown upon a woman being all boldlike about their relationships.  Kim isn't the first woman to date how she wants and live by her rules, but it takes courage to be that way in an age of shaming and shit.  You hear me mention shaming a lot, but it's because it happens more than it should in an age where we as women should have more freedom.

*She is technically no different than anyone else, she's just open about it.  Do you think Kim Kardashian is the first woman to have been divorced twice before 35?  You think she's the only one who wants to date a man with SOMETHING to bring to the table?  There are women out here who make Walmart money and wouldn't want a man making that or less.  Thing is, they are labeled "gold diggers" if they have a little too much to ask.  We hear people say "you want someone to be something YOU aren't".  So if Kim has long money, why should she not want a man with long money?  The average woman doesn't want to have worked hard to establish herself..only to then attract a man to allow him to siphon from her.  Now don't get it twisted, it doesn't mean that a well off woman should act like she's better than a blue collar brother.  Just think about it...if you're working hard, don't you want a hard worker too?  If you are trying to keep your future in order, don't you want a partner with that same ambition?  I guess if you're Kim Kardashian, it's gold digging.  Janet Jackson is with a billionaire.  Why isn't it gold digging when she is with a set man?  Go ahead, I'll wait.

*Sexually liberated, she is.  Again, I love that she is not walking around here like she's a saint.  People call women like her hoes, but is it being whorish when a man is the same way?  When a man performs oral sex on a woman, it's part of the game.  When a woman does it to a man, she's a slut.  You don't take her home to meet mama.  You don't "wife" that.  Hmm.  Last time I checked, she was a grown ass woman capable of making sound decisions.  If she wants to be satisfied, she knows what she needs to do to make that happen. Since I'm basing that on her tape with ol' Willie Norwood, let me also bring that up.  You think she's the first woman to make a tape with her dude?  She just made money from her situation...other women didn't.  Oh, so she's a ho for that?  Well, what does that make Ray J?  Again, I'll wait.

*She knows human nature pretty well.  Scour Yahoo for articles about virtually any topic in entertainment, and you'll find her name popping up somewhere.  What makes it REALLY funny is that it even pops up in articles that have NOTHING to do with her!  Imagine being so popular that people bring your name up in stuff that has nothing to do with you!  "But it's always something bad" you say.  Press is press, people.  As long as she's in the press, she gets money.  You think she gives a damn that you don't like her?  But the media likes her because you talk about her.  Kim can't make a living if you don't talk about her.  Why else would she wear that couch cover at the MET Gala?

*She really isn't that far away from people we know personally.  It's just that everything she does is publicized and run with.  You think she's the first person to get knocked up by another dude while married to another dude?  You think she's the first broad to get caught up?  You think Kris Jenner is the only mom who pushes her daughters to get money?  If you think Kim is so dearly departed from people we know?  She's not.  She's just made more grip from it than our people.

"You're dick riding Kim" you say.  To which I say I'm not.  But I'd be lying if I said that I didn't like how she is making mad coin from making you talk about her.  She went from being a sidekick to a celeb...and she really hasn't got talent worth a damn.  She's who she is and doesn't hide.  She isn't like those fokes who act like they've never done anything contrary to what society thinks they should do.  I like that Kim is Kim.  I don't KNOW her, but from what I see, I tip my hat.  I like women who live as they desire because that's what I do each day...when I wear jeans, tees, an LL Bean backpack, a ponytail and not give a damn if you think I shouldn't.  Too many people these days worry so much about what other people will think about them and they don't realize that people are going to talk anyway.  So if you're going to talk about me, might as well make sure it's accurate.

Just being honest.  If I can parlay this "Me-As-Hellness" into enough money to pay off Sallie Mae and get me and the fam a nice house, I'm going to werque this!  LMAO!  Shiiiiiid.


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