Because I Need Gifs for My Thoughts

1.  I'm not as fat as I was a year ago.

2.  Alas, I am still not a lottery winner.

3.  I can walk around the park whilst on the phone and not be too winded to throw shade!

4.  I'm starting to get my self esteem back up and regain my coolness.

5.  Birthday Vacation 2013 is days away.

6.  I'm going to build myself up to take off running this summer.

7.  Alas, I worry if it'll go right.  Seeing as it's won't.

8.  I don't know what I'll do when I get back to work on the 17th.  Might just dodge people.

9.  Maybe I should go to the casino and try to hit a lick.  If I do, I won't go too ham.

10. I should work on my Farewell Dance.



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