Selective Apologies, aka - I'm Only Sorry on Tuesdays

Paula Deen done been all exposed by the good people of Amurrica for using that word that begins with an "n" but ends with a side of "igger".  There was this sweet little deposition in which she had to answer a gang o' questions about stuff.

In the midst of all the funny ass Twitblockery from #PaulasBestDishes, she concocted an apology in which she was all sorry for all that went down.  To add FURTHER fuel to the fire, Paula's tweet asking us to "take advantage of all of that fresh watermelon comin’ our way with this refreshing cooler at your next get-together!" was taken down..thus adding more of the "you are a racist" icing to that sweet ass butter cake of sorrow.

Puh-sonally, I don't think that this whole saga is worth all the high blood pressure. I guess one should simply say "at least you KNOW she used it" or that "she could have lied about the shit". It isn't popular, but hell, I'm leaning towards the "at least she was honest" route. Quite naturally, being honest is always frowned upon in this world, until the lie comes out and fokes are all "you didn't have to lie to kick it" and so on and so forth and pass me a piece of chicken.

*sips tea*

When she released the apology, I couldn't help but get annoyed. I already have this total dislike of apologies for situations in which you were being honest. I'm not some kind of rat bastard who goes around being a rat bastard in front of other bastards...but I believe that if you think before you speak and act, you won't have to apologize. If I'm walking past you scooting down the church pew and step on le foot, I will apologize, as it was an accident. If I tell you that your outfit doesn't match after you ASKED me if the sumbitch matched, and you decide to toot up, I'm not apologizing. I don't owe you an apology because you didn't like the opinion I shared. It is MY opinion. I have a right to it, just as I have a right to the consequence of my opinions...meaning if my blunt opinions means you won't ask me sheet else, I have to accept that.
But a very AWESOME point was made by the wonderful Anti-Intellect Blog:

Some of y'all still ain't apologized to the people YOU hurt with YOUR homophobia, YOUR transphobia, YOUR sexism.

Oh no he di-int go thurr...

But yes he did, chile.

It really was that moment where I could only lean back and catch my breath because honey, he didn't lie.  While everyone is all tooted up about how Paula was wrong and how she needed to check herself, it seems that certain things are bad and others aren't that big o' deal.  Now I cannot exactly say whether or not he was talking aboot the Paula Deen Debacle with a Side o' Butter, but I had to admit that him had an EXCELLENT POINT.

In this day and age, people have this whole thing where they have that infamous "First Amendment Right" to say whatever they want.  A tour through the Yahoo comments will show you just how people can be.  I look at that quote and I think about all the messed up shit that people have said in relation to people in the LGBT community, to women, to anyone who is not what you are in your privileged state.  While people are flailing about how wrong racism is, even if it is covered with a stick of butter, yall, it seems that they overlook all the other -isms that go on each and every day.  Why don't we get this worked up when a gay man is beaten for any other reason than being gay.  How come nobody wants an apology from the officer who asked men to perform sex acts in exchange for no jail?  Or the women who are asked the same?

Not THAT bad, hmm?

Oh well.

Who can say what the fallout will be from this greasy, gooey, buttery mess for Paula.  Even if every person of color decided to boycott her shows and restaurants, I doubt she'll go hungry or broke.  Quite honestly honey, I really can't worry about her bank account because I got to keep gas in my own damn Yukon.  But I will say that we need to take inventory whenever situations like Paula's arise.  The old adage is that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.  Yeah, she should have used her brain before she said what she said.  However, can the same be said for you?  

I wish yall love and best dishes!

*cheese*  I'm an evil bastard on Fridays.



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